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Why Bliss Drive Seeks Appropriate, Long Term Partnerships

That said, we don’t hold our clients to long term contracts. There’s no need to tie you to us unnecessarily, although our clients typically work with us for years and years, because they see the value and the results we bring to their businesses.

Most SEO companies will not tell you what business categories they work best with, because they usually want to take on everyone, or as much business as they can. This approach stretches their resources and makes them far less effective.

We realize this and, therefore, restrict our client categories to specific industries, where we know how to market each best. This ensures that we give our clients the very best value for money and the best return on investment, and is why we chose to work with the types of businesses we know will benefit most from our results.

Over the Years, the Bliss Drive Model has Shown
that We Deliver Exceptional Results
in Some of the Following Specific Market Sectors:

One of Bliss Drive’s very first clients was a custom kiosk manufacturer. We applied our innovative approach to online marketing to their website, including videos and a great SEO strategy. The results were most impressive and you can review case studies here .

From that time, Bliss Drive has worked with several manufacturers and B2B companies, such as Enterprise Software and HR.

The reason we’re so successful with these clients is the fact that their target audience is national and their search terms are very specific. Once ranked well (the easy part) our comprehensive internet marketing strategies drive massive volumes of targeted traffic to their websites. We then go further to enhance their websites with strong calls to action and market differentiators (USP’s), to leave visitors no choice but to take action when visiting these websites.

We know that many internet marketing companies target contractors and tradesmen with their services, but mostly their results are lackluster. That’s because they’re simply doing the minimum for the website’s online presence, while they try to get as many clients as possible, thereby diluting their focus and attention.

Besides getting the contractor’s website ranked well organically, local maps and customer reviews play a very important role in overall online presence and success. Bliss Drive dedicates full time professional attention specifically to local maps and citation. We’ve developed strong partnerships with review systems that manage your online reputation, and we help with word of mouth marketing for your business too.

Once visitors start seeing your services everywhere online, they come to your website, learn what makes you different from your competition, and strong calls to action get them calling you for appointments.

Professional services, such as attorneys and medical services, work in very much the same way as local contractors. The main difference is that you should be highly specialized and an unquestionable professional expert in your field, for the best results and returns.

When looking for professional services, a high level of trust and credibility is needed for a prospect to even consider making contact. That’s why it all starts with the website itself. If you have a subpar website, there’s no point working hard to get it ranked well, because you’re still not likely to convert many prospects into customers. You need a great website for great results!

Once we’ve completely optimized your website, we drill down to localize the geo-targeted area you service, and make sure we develop marketing material specifically catering to that area. With a combination of your field specific pages, local maps and positive reviews, we’ll keep your practice busy!

Not Good Fits For Bliss Drive

For the very same reason we have good fits for the Bliss Drive business model, we have also identified a variety of business types that are not ideally suited to partner with us. These include:

  • Solo experts such as artists, interior designers, therapists, authors and solo startups.
  • Real estate, insurance agents and financial advisors.
  • Brick and mortar retail stores such as clothing retailers, restaurants and other services that require walk-in traffic.

These types of businesses are better suited for text marketing and other direct marketing initiatives. If your business model is included above, you can call Richard at 949-229-3454 for advice and details of more appropriate resources that can help you better achieve your goals.


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