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Social media has played a substantial role in communicating with different people easily. With the fast growth of Facebook and Twitter from the past 5 years, these social networks have definitely changed the Internet landscape. As people discovered ways to finally make communication within reach. Businesses also discovered that these sites are better venues for online marketing aside from SEO. However, a business can get too clouded about what it actually does. Here are the four myths that businesses still believe in:

Myth #1 Social media is for everyone.

People by nature are social. Businesses are ran by people. Therefore all businesses can do social media.


Social media is great definitely for syndicating content, announcing your products, answering questions about products and services. It’s great! But the main thing is – how consistent is the business in closely interacting with their target market?

True, people are social. But let’s not forget there are people that are introverted too. Businesses are like people too. When applied to business, it’s a matter of the company’s determination to treat social media as critical in communicating to the target audience. If you’re shy, people will just shy away too.

So, social media is for those businesses who are constantly finding and joining productive communities, consistent in bringing out what they can offer to people and maintaining relationships with people and also other businesses too.

 Myth #2 Social media is all about the business.

Businesses and fans/followers is like a couple going on their first date. They get to know each other, talk about themselves and what they do. But, a first date fails when the connection is not established. Why? Because probably, the business talk about themselves too much that they didn’t know what the other side feels.

Businesses forget that customers as human beings. They wanted to feel acknowledged, their needs are known and someone should respond to their needs. It’s about knowing their pulse, and once they are acknowledge and responded to, they will begin to respond to the needs of the business.

Social is not about only the business

Myth #3 Social media is all promotions.

You may have heard that social media strengthens a business’ brand. It’s true when you have clear goals to meet for your business. You can gain profit from it, which is your main priority; but how do you strengthen your brand when people don’t see a clear point of what your social media channels can give to them.

Most brands thrive on Facebook, primarily because they have clearly defined what people need from their business. To enumerate the ways how big brands use social media, they use it for:

  • Customer service
  • Market research
  • Promotions/marketing
  • Generate new leads
  • Indicators to define forecast

Now, there is no certain formula of what businesses use. It can be one thing or it can be many of these points. It’s all about laying out a social media strategy to get people engaged, to get people hooked.

Myth #4 Lastly, social media is EASY.

So social media is about syndication. Say what you have to say about your company and that’s it, right?

Wrong again. In truth, social media is all about constantly knowing what people want. But not everyone can guess what people want. There are certain indicators that tell businesses that there is a certain information that people look for and this clearly defines the direction of what they want to share to people. Besides, if it’s really easy, why do businesses find it hard to create content that people will talk about? Why is it that there are existing guides that help business owners understand social media?

Currently, social media still is immeasurable yet there are certain tools out there that is developed to track what people engage into. These myths suggest some businesses should rethink their social media strategy and focus on what really matters.

Many businesses are attracted to social media because it attracts prospects and leads, but too clouded to make profits instantly. Social media up to now is still underestimated because you have to put a lot of effort into it. So what does your business believe in and how will you start out with social media?

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