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Creating high quality blog content is just half of the content marketing process. The other is attracting loyal readers who’ll not only consume your content, but share it with their friends, colleagues and business contacts.

This is particularly true in the B2B field. After all, a blog post about the best types of accounting software for small businesses or ideal health and safety practices doesn’t quite have the same social draw as one about funny cat videos.

Regardless of the topic of your company’s blog, however, there are some tactics that you can use to help your content spread around the web. In this blog post, we share five simple but effective ways to make your company blog post more shareable.

Include images, infographics and videos

In the information-heavy online environment, walls of text just don’t work. In order for your blog posts to engage readers and encourage them to share, they also need to include images, infographics and video.

Try to include at least one or two images in each blog post you publish, even if they are just stock photos or vector graphics. Images break up text on your page, making even the most dense and technical blog content more readable.

Add social sharing buttons to your blog

Does your blog include Facebook, Twitter and Reddit sharing buttons? If it doesn’t, you’re making the process of sharing your blog content much harder for your loyal readers.

Instead of requiring your readers to copy and paste your post’s URL to share it via Facebook or other social platforms, add social sharing buttons. Several convenient WordPress plugins are available that automatically add these to your latest posts.

Ask readers thought-provoking questions

One of the best ways to end your blog posts is by posing a question to readers? This is because questions encourage your readers to respond in the comments, and when readers leave a comment they’re far more likely to share your article.

Instead of ending your next blog post with an authoritative conclusion, pose a fun or thought-provoking question to readers. The right question can double or triple your post’s comment count and massively increase its social shareability.

Make sure your content is interesting

Very rarely does boring content get shared, and when it does it’s typically shared in a small online community. Creating interesting B2B content is hard, but it’s also very rewarding when done properly.

From informational guides that provide immense value to your audience to fun and lighthearted posts about industry trends, make sure your blog posts are interesting for your readers. If they aren’t, they’ll rarely be shared beyond your social circle.

Avoid falling into the impersonality trap

One of the biggest mistakes business bloggers make is writing their posts from the perspective of their company. People don’t like conversing with companies; instead, they like conversing with other people.

Before you publish a single blog post on your company blog, make sure each writer and contributor has their own avatar and identity. Putting a face and name to your content makes it more personal and enhances your connection with readers.

Has your content ever gone viral?

Every online business aspires to have one of their blog posts go viral and result in a surge of traffic to their website. Has one of your blog posts, articles or guides gone viral before? If so, what were the results and did it improve your online revenue?

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