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Famed management consultant Peter Drucker had a fantastic quote regarding project management: “What gets measured, gets managed.” With a track record of success for companies like General Electric and Coca-Cola, it’s safe to say that the ultra-efficient Drucker truly knew what he was talking about.

Unfortunately, many small business marketers and SEOs ignore his advice today, spending all of their time doing and very little time managing their work. It’s one of the finest recipes for disaster imaginable, and a lack of measurement and task management is one of the primary reasons for the failure of SEO campaigns.

These five simple tips will help you manage your company’s SEO projects in as little as fifteen minutes per day. Management doesn’t have to be difficult – use these simple strategies and you’ll stay on top of your projects and capitalize on new Los Angeles SEO opportunities.

Working with a team? Use project management software

It’s easy to make a case against project management apps. After all, they rarely offer functionality that can’t be found in the average office suite or spreadsheet application.

However, project management applications offer one major advantage for small businesses: a central place of collaboration. Instead of relying on slow DropBox folders or incomprehensible email chains, project management apps keep all of your project information grouped in a central and secure online location.

While there are many project management apps available, one of the best for small businesses is Basecamp. Easy-to-use and inexpensive, it’s a must for any SEO campaign that involves numerous freelancers and outsourced staff.

Keep your to-do lists short

Most to-do lists are worthless. With hundreds of items and little organization, it’s easy to ignore even the most urgent list of tasks. Great to-do lists should be short, with no more than five urgent items on the list at any one time.

If you’re struggling to complete all of your daily tasks, try cutting down your to-do list to five core tasks, and grouping your minor tasks around them as parts of each larger task. The psychological effect of online having five major tasks for the day will help you stay productive and make progress on your SEO campaigns.

Record every single thing you do

There’s no value in building links without keeping track of where they’re going to be. If you’re carrying out a major external link building campaign, it’s essential that you record every single link that your team is able to place.

Keep a spreadsheet that contains all of your inbound links, from guest blog posts to recommendations from other businesses. This way, you can keep track of your links and avoid engaging in unnecessary repeat SEO efforts.

Working for clients? Arrange a weekly or biweekly phone call

Keeping in touch with clients is essential for SEO success. If you’re managing SEO campaigns on behalf of several clients, it’s worth delivering a weekly or biweekly report and phone call to keep them updated on your progress.

Frequent client reporting has two key benefits. Firstly, it helps you maintain an excellent working relationship with your clients, ensuring that they’ll continue to work with you. Secondly, it forces you to remain organized – after all, you can’t put together a report without effectively organized data.

Create failsafe SEO processes

You’re halfway through an SEO campaign when one of your contractors suddenly becomes seriously ill. What do you do? One of the most important aspects of any successful business process is having a second option available in case anything goes wrong.

For contractors, this means having a secondary hire available. For technology, it means keeping a backup of your data. For link building, it means finding high-PR link opportunities in case one of your current links disappears. Every aspect of your SEO campaign needs to be fixable in the event of a staff or SEO emergency.

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