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Breaking into the world of business-to-business lead generation can be tough. With most decision makers receiving hundreds of cold calls and direct mailings per year, getting your message through the sea of noise is often very difficult.

Because of this, many business-to-business marketers are moving away from more traditional forms of B2B lead generation like cold calling and direct mail and taking their budgets online.

One of the best ways to target prospects online is by using SEO. If your website is carefully optimized for valuable search keywords related to your industry, you can bypass the traditional outbound lead generation and enjoy a steady stream of great leads that contact you.

In this guide, we’ll cover six simple yet effective techniques that your business can use to generate more business-to-business leads using SEO.

Find profitable keywords using Adwords

When you’re first getting started, it’s difficult to know which keywords will convert into customers and which won’t. Instead of planning your SEO strategy around the unknown, you can find converting keywords using Adwords before you start your SEO campaign.

Set up a small-budget Adwords campaign and target keywords that you think will produce B2B sales. You may be surprised to learn that the keywords you thought would be effective aren’t worth as much as you had expected. You may also notice keywords you never expected are worth a lot as marketing targets.

‘Snipe’ high-value keywords

Optimizing your website for high-volume keywords is difficult. Optimizing a single page for a single keyword, however, is much less time consuming. By finding your industry’s top-performing keywords in Adwords, you can build a campaign that’s specifically targeted to only the easiest, highest-value keywords.

Use Google’s keyword tool to find keywords that receive little traffic but deliver a massive volume of profitable leads. Then, build out individual pages to target each term and create a ‘sniper’-style SEO campaign that only targets the keywords you know will perform well.

Target your competition

If someone searches for your competitor’s brand name, they’re probably conducting research before making a purchase. By optimizing subpages within your website to rank for competitors’ brand names, you can ‘piggyback’ on their branding and guide prospects towards your company.

While you should never deliberately try to target your competitors with negative or misleading content about their businesses, you can write objective and fair articles comparing your service to theirs and offering useful advice to B2B prospects.

Use SEO to build an email list

When you rely solely on SEO, you only have one chance to make a sale. After all, the people searching for your website are unlikely to visit several times before making a decision about whether or not to buy.

Capitalize on their curiosity by inviting visitors to join your email list. This way, you can build a powerful marketing asset that can be used to talk to your B2B prospects directly, without relying solely on Google for your traffic.

Encouraging prospects to sign up for your mailing list is simple. Develop a brochure, white paper, or in-depth study about your industry and invite readers to download it from your website. Before the download is confirmed, you can use an opt-in form to capture email addresses and add them to your B2B mailing list.

Target informational keywords

Most prospects like to research their options before making a B2B decision. They might look at multiple websites to learn more about an industry’s average prices, search for how-to content to learn more about the processes they’re outsourcing, and search for reviews to assess and rank their options.

Every stage of the research process is a chance for you to market your business to prospects. Develop informational content that answers the most common questions your prospect have and host it on your website. You can often use this content as a way to encourage visitors to sign up to your company’s email marketing list.

Focus on location-based keywords

If your business only deals with clients or customers in a specific area, you can build a powerful online marketing asset by developing subpages that target specific areas within your region.

Let’s use Southern California as an example. If you operate a cleaning service, you’d want to optimize your website using individual pages targeted at Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, and so on.

Sometimes, it’s worth breaking your website’s structure down even further. Develop pages that target individual neighborhoods and you’ll be able to avoid the immense level of competition that exists for higher-level regional keywords.

The key to B2B success is strategy

All of the tactics listed above can be effective in generating B2B sales leads. They can also, however, fall flat if applied without an overall strategy in mind. Develop an SEO strategy that you use to guide your business’s online marketing as a whole, and use these six tactics within your strategy to achieve your specific B2B sales goals.

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