Android KitKat: What Does it Mean For Your Business? - Bliss Drive

The latest update to Google’s Android mobile platform is here, and it’s a perfect mix of new functionality and streamlined aesthetics. Android KitKat is more than just a yummy name – it’s a great productivity suite for mobile users in need of functional software and excellent Google Apps support.

What does the latest Android update mean for your business? Well, that depends on how you reach your customers and how your business operates. Read on as we look at KitKat’s best features for business users and consumers alike.

Quickoffice: Google’s solution for mobile office productivity

Quickoffice comes bundled by default with KitKat. It’s a helpful productivity app that lets users create, modify, and publish Microsoft Office documents from their phone, tablet, or other Android device. Quickoffice is fully compatible with Google Apps and supports Google Docs right out of the box, making it a powerful app for businesses.

Fully compatible with Google Drive, Quickoffice lets you store documents online and share them with your team members. This makes it a wonderful tool for businesses to use for sharing information and collaborating on projects remotely.

Voice Command: Killer marketing for small businesses

Small businesses will benefit from KitKat’s new and improved voice commands. As users can now search verbally, having a strong Google ranking for local keywords is more valuable than ever. Just like optimizing for Siri helps businesses generate more leads from iPhone and iPad users, we think optimizing for Google’s voice commands will bring in plenty of local customers from Android devices.

Optimizing for Google voice search is similar to optimizing for Google Local or the typical Google search. Keywords, inbound links, and citations are key here, as voice search brings up Google’s top-ranked local result as the default listing when users search for businesses close to their location.

Updated Phone App: Better searching for contacts and businesses

KitKat includes an updated phone app that makes searching for businesses easier than ever before. The app automatically updates your ‘favorite’ contacts based on your calling habits, making it easier to connect with friends and professionals. It also includes a Yellow Pages-style listing of businesses for improved usability.

One cool feature of KitKat is its ability to identify incoming calls based on the phone number they’re calling from. Local businesses that aren’t stored in your address book are identified as they’re calling you, making it easier for you to see whether you’re being contacted for a sales call or scheduled business appointment.

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