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Internet has changed the rules for marketing in substantial measures. Through promotional advertising contents on the websites and application of SEO tools, it is very easy to draw the attention of prospective customers to the products and services offered by a business. Apart from this, another channel for marketing that is quite effective is developing business-to-business marketing relationship with key business partners.

Get Your Business Partners’ customers

This kind of marketing strategy involves attracting those customers of your partner firms or businesses who have not yet become your own customers. You ask other businesses to provide link to your business site on their website. You in turn do the same on your website for their businesses.

Choosing Business partners

Choosing a business with which you can enter into this type of marketing relationship is critical. For instance you do not choose a firm who is into the same business domain. You choose businesses that provide complementary services or offer products whose users are likely to avail of services or products being offered by your business.

There may be many business firms who may be willing to get into this kind of symbiotic relationship. By entering into this kind of arrangement, you stand a chance to attract their customer base and in turn provide them also an opportunity to benefit from your customer base. It is not necessary that you need to contact only small size business firms or those having a turnover comparable to your turnover only. Even large businesses can see a benefit in partnering with you because every such business partnership brings in additional customers which may translate into higher profitability.

If you are dealing in selling furniture and there is another firm that is selling furnishing items such as fabrics, you can both benefit by directing your customers to the others’ websites resulting into business growth for both. It is a kind of referral marketing. You may not see its impact immediately but it is a very effective long-term marketing strategy for any business.

Benefit from Each Others’ Success Stories

If your business associates are successful in their respective field, there are high chances that listing yourself in their website can bring business for you. Customers who have been impressed by your associate’s services and products will surely be convinced that the site listed on their website must be at par with them. They will most probably visit the website whose link has been provided there. This is a kind of proactive marketing strategy by which you encourage a customer who has come to you for business to shop around a little more in similar or related domains.

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