Attract your Target Audience to your Facebook Page - Bliss Drive

Most business owners that build new Facebook accounts simply let their pages sit idle after uploading their company logos. If you just nodded in agreement then commit to making your Facebook page go beyond the bare minimum! Here are some easy steps to get you going:

Build Your Page
Explain your business in a descriptive fashion. Make sure to cite words that your customers will most likely look for when they search via Google. If you have put up a plain logo, consider replacing this visual with something more livelier like a photo of you wearing a company shirt, or a group picture with employees. Pictures with people register better with readers.

Connect with People
Send an invitation to all the people within your company, your clients as well as your suppliers. You don’t want your Facebook page to show just 1 fan do you? The best day to send an invitation is on a Friday afternoon when folks are wrapping up their work tasks and are in a weekend mood. You may also consider paying for Facebook Ads to ramp up your pages’ fan base. Think of this cost as a means for you to be better known within your demographic. Money spent on ads could very well lead to new clients and additional sales.

Engage your Fan Base
Now that you’ve built your Facebook audience, it is time to engage them. Draft a handful of new messages. Try to go for 3 published wall posts on your first week to flex your Facebook wall writing skills. The most engaging wall posts are positive and cheerful messages, with useful tips that are relevant to your reader base. If you are stumped, you can always start by promoting a small giveaway or discount related to your product or service. A promotion like this is a surefire way to get the ball rolling.

If you want more activity on your business Facebook page but don’t have the time to figure things out, give us a call over at 949-229-3454 and we’d be happy to provide a free consult on the wonderful things Facebook and social media can do for your growing company.

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