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Is your B2B company just getting started with online marketing? There’s a massive amount of information out there on marketing your B2B business online, some of it fantastic and some of it… well, not so good.

In this blog post, we’ll cut through the noise and deliver 100% actionable advice in 10 simple tips that your B2B company can use to improve its online presence, raise its revenue from online sales and generate more B2B leads using the Internet.

Focus on sales, not just rankings

Is SEO a major aspect of your online marketing strategy? SEO is great, but it needs to be put in the context of sales, not rankings. Instead of focusing on becoming #1 for a certain keyword, focus on using that keyword to drive profitable traffic.

Develop case studies with clients

Case studies are powerful marketing tools; after all, nothing is a better indicator of your product or service’s value than a success story. Work with your existing clients and customers to develop case studies explaining how you’ve helped them.

Start building your email list today

Does your company have an email list? Email lists are immensely powerful tools for marketing your business, especially in the B2B field. If you don’t yet have one, start building your company’s email marketing list today.

Learn the power of the testimonial

When a prospect visits your website, how likely are they to trust you? Trust is vital in B2B, and adding testimonials is a great way to prove that you’re a reputable and trustworthy brand. Ask your existing customers and clients for testimonials today.

Create authoritative, shareable content

There’s no better way to brand your company as a leader within its industry than by producing authoritative content. Use your company blog to publish guides and news that makes you the go-to source for useful content in your industry.

Optimize every page for conversions

Every single page of your website – from your blog posts to your About Us page – is a valuable sales tool. Optimize every page on your website with a lead capture form or call to action to generate leads and drive conversions as often as possible.

Develop your ideal customer profile

Who is your ideal customer? Without an accurate idea of who your product, service or offer is aimed at, no amount of marketing will help you succeed. Before you start your marketing campaign, create a profile of the ideal customer you’re targeting.

Publish an authoritative white paper

White papers are to the B2B world what engaging blog posts are to the B2C world; a massively powerful marketing asset. If you work in an industry where branding and positioning matters, use a white paper to elevate yourself above your competitors.

Create with your customers in mind

Far too many B2B businesses publish content that’s useful not for prospects, but for their competitors. Instead of publishing or marketing with your peers in mind, make sure your marketing efforts are aimed squarely at your target customers.

Take social media marketing seriously

In the early days of social media, many B2B companies quite rightly shrugged it off as something of limited value. Today, with networks like LinkedIn making the B2B sales process simple, it’s vital that you take social media very seriously indeed.



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