Bidding 2012 Well! - Bliss Drive

That was a whirlwind year wasn’t it?

Part of the start of every month-end for me is to plan for just the right topic that matters to my readers. I make sure it’s not a topic that’s too technical, there’s too much writing of that kind already. I also endeavor to keep things within scope to the immediate concerns of emerging entrepreneurs. I hope these goals came across in the past year’s worth of blogs.

In the course of my December research I’d come across this very insightful slideshow from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) that rounds up 2012’s most pervasive Internet trends:


It’s a good read at 88 pages, but if you don’t have time and prefer to relax as you wait for January, then here’s the Cliffs Notes: (1) location-based campaigns and (2) mobile viewership will be your best friend in the coming year.

I’ve covered many tips that persuades you to make noise for your business in your immediate location – for your nearest areas are your most logical revenue sources. Stuff like being listed in your local Chamber of Commerce, creating referral business from existing clients, and becoming familiar with location-based social marketing tools are all key to surviving in 2013.

The next important element that won’t go away is mobile viewership. More and more client transactions will be made in the small screen (cellphones, tablets). The important takeaway from this trend is that you need to get your mobile act together. Begin by re-reading my article related to responsive web design. Becoming mobile-ready does not equal a major overhaul of your Internet presence. The first step is to make your site viewable for all types of screens.

And with this, dear reader, I’d like to thank you for following my posts. No matter the highs or lows we’ve all faced, lets bid a fond goodbye to the year we’ll leave behind, rife with lessons for the battle of 2013.

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