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This quick blog is a followup to my last entry where I tackled the topic of sales referrals.

I’ve covered the topic of location-based web tools in some of my earlier posts and I’d like to do somewhat of a refresher course as we near the end of the year.

But first, here’s a simple definition: Location-based marketing enables sellers to be found by clients and prospects that are close in proximity to their store.

A practical example would be, if you sell easy chairs in the 90210 zip code, a new homeowner residing within 2 miles of your zip code will be able to find your store when they search the keyword ‘furniture stores’ within their immediate area. Here’s where the tools I mentioned come in. Location-based or geo-based social marketing is commonly associated with web applications such as Yelp, Google Places, Foursquare and Yahoo Local.

Location based tools are an excellent means for small businesses to expand their sources for sales referrals. These tools make lead generation even better because they are used in tandem with social media. In other words, not only will your buyer find your store from a location-based map, the chances that they actually buy from you is higher when your listing shows positive reviews from your satisfied users.

But I’m getting ahead of myself =) Please direct your attention to previous entries I’ve posted before to better acquaint yourself with the different geo apps.

Google Places:

Yahoo Local:



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