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Today businesses are focusing more on their online visibility and using it as their marketing platform. Social media presence has become an essential ingredient for marketing products and services. LinkedIn, a social networking site is one of the most powerful social networking tools that is widely used by business people. In a number of surveys it has been voted as one of the most important platforms for social networking. LinkedIn is a huge resource base that is continuously growing by regular addition of different new features.

LinkedIn is very much like other social networks such as MySpace and Facebook, but with a slight difference. Unlike these sites, LinkedIn is specifically designed for professionals. It enables business owners to connect with their potential clients, business partners or suppliers all over the world and carry out their business successfully.

LinkedIn like other social networking sites allows you to set up a profile, join in, and then participate in groups, share views, news and connect with people. It has been seen that entry-level users use LinkedIn primarily for job searches and co-worker networking, while top level business executives use it for industry networking and promoting their businesses. But, they rolled out company pages as well, which works like Facebook Pages, although this reaches another milestone. Especially for businesses looking for B2B networking.

LinkedIn being used basically for business networking, entrepreneurs widely use it to build, expand and grow their market or customer base. LinkedIn allows businesses to create a list of their contacts with the sole purpose of networking. It is critical for them to establish high-quality contacts and it is equally important that they strengthen those connections and use them for the growth of their businesses. The site also helps you to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and other important functions.

To make LinkedIn fruitful for your business, you must use it in the right manner. LinkedIn is purely a networking tool. Post useful information that can generate interest among people in your business. Focus on relationship building, discussions, contributing helpful dialogue to your groups and you will find that without pushing your products or services you are making valuable connections.

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