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These days you must be hearing a lot about people creating Twitter account and using it extensively for their businesses growth. They are trying out Twitter to get into social media landscape. Some people may think that the power of tweeting is overestimated and businesses cannot achieve much from it. But, it is a wrong notion. There are a number of ways through which entrepreneurs can add value to their business by creating a Twitter account.

Twitter is basically a social media where you can post your opinions and allow them to be viewed by people. It allows business owners to tweet or post updates as many times as they want.  They can also see tweets of other users and their tweets can be followed by others as well. There is a constant stream of communication but they can even break this stream by turning it off and on.

Businesses can make a lot of money and develop relationships by tweeting. They can join Twitter by creating an account on it and start tweeting about all the associated links to their products and attract attention from people. Many people may visit the site and some may even purchase the product on the first visit. But this may not go on for long. Once people will come to know that you are just minting money they will become your stale followers. Stale followers are those who are not interested in your business but have the sole intention to widen their list of followers. So, tweet about useful information about your products and services. This will only help you get more useful followers and readers who will be interested in your products.

In the beginning, do not expect that you will have thousands of followers all at once. Cultivating audience on Twitter takes a lot of time. Start with getting into the circle that is most appropriate to your business. Identify powerful tweeters in your domain, and tweet with them and engage in useful discussions with them. This way people will start following you. People do not suddenly become devoted followers, and purchase your product …. you have to impress them.

Twitter is a useful tool to promote your business but you must not make it appear as your prime motive. Business promotion must be done properly and carefully. Here are some basic tricks for starters on how to make proper use of their Twitter account:

• Post useful links and bring prospective clients to your sites.
• Create an impressive Twitter profile.
• Do not use Twitter primarily as a sales mouthpiece.
• Follow what your customers say.
• Seek feedback from followers.
• Make your Twitter conversation a two way traffic.

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