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SEO or search engine optimization should begin at a local level with local directories. This is a very powerful tool that many businesses either don’t know much about, or they are simply too busy to make the effort to get their site listed. It can help build a strong foundation that your web site can stand on. The internet is a competitive place, and if your web site does not have strong legs to stand on, then it will never be able to stand our above the crowd. Achieving high ranks with local search engine optimization is the way to go especially for local businesses.

Local search defined

In a nutshell, local search is when a consumer looks for a local business using one of the many online search portals. It might be Google Places, Yelp, or Many of these local search directories will offer free business listings. If you are ignoring these free local listings, but your competition has decided to use them, then you are losing business to your competition. It does not take much time for you to start using this powerful search medium, and the sooner you do, the sooner you can start seeing the powerful results.

The importance of local search

There is no doubt that the current leader of organic search volume is Google, and Google offers a local section where you can list your business for free. With the power of mobile computing and smart phones, more and more consumers are searching while they are on the go. If they are looking for your type of business, they can get information delivered right in to the palm of their hands. They will be able to find out what types of products or services that you offer, your hours of operation, your phone number, and with a simple touch of the screen they can get detailed guided directions directly to your place of business. That is extremely powerful and important. Think of what you could be missing if you are not currently listed in the local search results.

How do you get found?

No one will find your business if you are not listed in the local search directories. Your business information must be submitted to each and every local directory in order for your business to achieve the full potential of this popular search medium.

Don’t ignore the power of local search. If you don’t take advantage of it, then your competition most definitely will.

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