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Get The Growth You WantAs a small business owner, the way you grow the business is a big departure from how most traditional businesses are run. Being an entrepreneur is never easy, and if you factor in the smaller scale of your resources, small and mid-sized entrepreneurs need to add a big dash of creative thinking when approaching growth.

I personally like to encourage business owners to take up an approach that will lead to the most results from the least amount of risk and effort. In this article I’ve outlined three effortless ways you can achieve exactly this:

Widen Market Share: Sell More

The quickest way to growth is to sell more of your products. The first move to do this is to find more ways to sell your products in bulk vs piecemeal. Take the example of six-pack beers or dozen-pack tissue rolls. Since shoppers are given these limited choices at the point of sale they are likely to buy them over singles.

The best approach to moving your products this way is the good old-fashioned bulk discount. You can also train your clients to expect to be sold said products in set bulk amounts.

Setting up promotions that will surely create a mark to future customers gives more interaction and following to your businesses.

Widen Market Share: Sell Elsewhere

If your current approach is to sell your services within your comfort zone of clientele, usually the nearest locations from where you are situated. Joining business groups around your area are the best ways to preach your brand and services.

Why not widen the radius of your growth area? Try to get networks within the next town. Take up ads and make yourself business known to the immediate 15-mile zip codes from your main office. If more people from new locations know that your business exists, they become your next growth source.

Turn Your Customers into your Sales Force

Another quick way to achieve growth is thru referral commission sales. Your current fan base, which is your pool of satisfied clients, are the perfect starting point. They already know the product or patronize your service. All they need is to turn their friends into your clients thru positive word-of-mouth.

The fastest, also simplest way to renumerate your loyal clients would be to ask a new customer, during point of sale, if they heard about your business thru somebody. Then take note of the referring party and give them a good discount or an extra service the next time you engage with them. This is easy to implement especially if you’ve just started out and are very intimate with your current client base.

We at Bliss Drive use an integrated approach to helping small business owners reach the growth that they want. We have a solid marketing background that makes our approach more aligned to the real-world vs just the online concerns of entrepreneurs. Call us today at 949-229-3454 to get a free consultation and get a whole new insight into the future of your business.


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