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You must have heard about Google Plus but must be wondering what it is all about. Google Plus, Google’s latest social media site, has generated a lot of buzz recently. Reports claim that the website already has over 10 million users. It is perhaps the Google’s most successful venture of social media site.

Google Plus – An Interactive Social Media

Google Plus is basically Google’s response to the other social media sites such as Facebook and twitter which have become very popular in the last few years. You may be wondering as to what is so special about this site! A major difference between Google Plus and other social interactive media sites is that it is designed to be more interactive and has an attractive interface. There are many new options in Google Plus, enabling you to get more involved and engaged with people in your circles. Another avenue for local businesses to promote via social media marketing in Orange County, CA.

Marketing Your Business with Google Plus

For helping small businesses, Google Plus has launched a new feature. Using this, a dedicated page can be created a page for businesses just like you can do in Facebook.

The features that are available right now can be used to market your business quite effectively. It is predicted by market experts that Google Plus can provide a great boost for businesses, and therefore, you must start learning the rules of engagement before you find yourself left behind in the competition. This way, you are ready to roll, once the business page is officially launched and can exploit it to the most.

 Google Plus has Great Potential

Google Plus can help your business fundamentally in three ways.

  • Connecting
  • Linking
  • Sharing

Connecting with the Like Minded People

With the ‘circle’ feature of Google Plus, which is a unique feature of this site, you can group the people you are following. You can connect online with people of your community and industry. Creating circle helps in connecting and sharing with like minded people. This way you will surely enhance your visibility and develop a personal brand for your business in the local area you are serving.

Careful Linking

Get your business on a roll in Google Plus by building your own personal profile and linking it to your website, social sites and review pages. List the name of your business on your personal Google Plus profile. Put links to your business at crucial locations in your profile, such as introduction, occupation details, employment history, etc. Make your profile public so that people can discover links to different aspects of your business.

Sharing Content

Google Plus is a great place to share your content. By sharing your blog post links and many other information about your business, you can interact with other business owners. This way you can learn more about your expertise and promote it accordingly.

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