Google Updates Survival - Bliss Drive

Happy July 4th! We have been very busy for quite a while and we’re back with a bang. I’ve been excited with the developments at Bliss Drive for the past couple of months and I’m telling you it has been a roller coaster ride!

First, some of you may have read or heard about Google rolling out a series of updates on their search algorithms. Although, we have been utilizing safe techniques, sooner or later, these changes will have some kind of effect for internet marketing agencies like Bliss Drive. But it didn’t stop us to learn from this experience. Change can sometimes be harsh, but change can be good as well. even thrived at the number 1 spot for one of our target search phrases and traffic is better than ever.

So what, exactly did we learn from this experience?

  • Build Authority–  If there’s one thing that Google loves right now, it is authority. Building link in anonymity is starting to fade in the background. Author applications, create a consistent persona, write high quality content, and produce blog post that makes sense! Anything that could benefit others will benefit your site back… and proudly OWN them!
  • Branch Out – I have been receiving requests for guest blog posting on, but we’re still testing the waters. However, this is just one potentially great avenue to create relationships with other site owners. We’d like to see how this goes and count on us to update you.

I’m just happy with the results of our efforts right now and I’d like to share my two cents to you! If you encountered challenges during the recent search algo updates, we’d be glad to know your discovery. Any points you can share with us?

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