How Consistent Blogging Helps Your Sales, Rankings and More - Bliss Drive

As a business owner, it’s easy to write off blogging as something that’s peripheral to the major goals of your business. After all, blog posts inform and educate users, and not directly market your product or service to them.

While blog posts typically aren’t as commercial or ‘salesy’ as the copy on your other pages, they’re still valuable sales tools for your business. They also have huge value from an SEO standpoint, helping your business rank higher for a range of keywords.

In this blog post, we’ll share five ways that consistent blogging helps your business generate more leads and conversions, increase its online exposure and improve its search engine rankings.

Consistent blogging keeps you in the spotlight

The more frequently you blog, the more frequently readers will visit your website to catch up on your latest posts. Writing two or three blog posts a week might feel like a time-consuming activity, but it’s surprisingly simple (or surprisingly inexpensive.)

As well as keeping your business in the spotlight with your readers, publishing fresh content keeps your brand in the eyes of online influencers. From journalists to other bloggers, frequently updated blogs are often read by people that can help you grow.

Consistent blogging synergizes with social media

Do you often struggle to think of things to post on your company’s Facebook Page or link to from your Twitter account? When you have two or three new blog posts each week, you’re never short on content for your social media profiles.

From industry updates to How To guides, blog posts are the ideal subjects of social media updates. If your content is evergreen, you can also link to it every few months from Facebook to drive fresh traffic and give your website a promotional push.

Consistent blogging gives you more pages to rank

Many digital marketers focus on vertical SEO – ranking the few pages that they have as prominently as possible. Blogging allows you to practice horizontal SEO; since the total size of your website is larger, you can use blog posts to target small keywords.

Instead of building a strategy around short-tail, high-traffic keywords, blogging lets you expand your SEO strategy using ultra-targeted blog posts that rank for focused and specialized long-tail search keywords.

Consistent blogging creates a content-to-sales funnel

Think blogs are purely informational? Think again. With the right combination of design and content, your blog can drive traffic to your product and services pages, towards your email list or even straight to your checkout.

Add a call to action to the end of each of your blog posts that directs readers to the parts of your website that are monetized and optimized. From email capture forms to links to your new product, blog-based calls to action can be hugely effective.

Consistent blogging makes your brand an authority

If you were comparing two different businesses, which would you trust more: the one that last published a blog post two years ago, or the one that’s updated its blog five times in the last month, each time with an engaging and interesting post?

The answer is obvious: the frequently-updated blog wins every time. Blogging isn’t just a promotional or informational strategy for your business; it’s also a great way to increase your target audience’s level of trust in your business.

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