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Do you struggle to attract new customers? For many companies in the B2B space, customer acquisition is one of the most challenging aspects of fueling growth for their business.

This is due to two things. The first is a large-scale aversion to inbound marketing that’s, unfortunately, quite common in the B2B sector. The second is the massive amount of time that the B2B sales process can often take.

While outbound marketing via advertising, sales calls and trade shows is widely considered the standard strategy for B2B growth, inbound marketing is actually often a much more effective way to develop your B2B company.

In this blog post, we’ll share eight tips that you can use you to fuel inbound sales for your B2B company. From social media to blogging, read on to learn how you can supercharge your B2B sales growth rate by using inbound marketing.

Create a Facebook Page

A surprisingly large number of B2B leads come from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Remember that while your customers are other businesses, the people making the decisions are individuals – almost all of whom have Facebook profiles.

Start a company blog

Starting a blog lets you create content that answers common questions within your industry without having to create new static website pages. This lets you bring in a huge amount of new business via common search keywords.

Get active on LinkedIn

While Facebook is the personal social network of choice, LinkedIn is a hotspot for decision-makers and prospective customers. Create a company page and make it nice and easy for prospects to find your sales team using LinkedIn search.

Build an email marketing list

Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate B2B sales leads. Add an email capture form to every informational page on your website and send out a monthly or weekly email marketing your products or services to your subscribers.

Publish an eBook or white paper

Informational resources are fantastic marketing tools in the B2B field. In addition to your company blog, create white papers and eBooks to answer your prospects’ most common questions and increase awareness of your brand.

Create industry-related infographics

Infographics are visual representations of facts, figures and other information that’s related to your business. From interesting facts to unique stories, posting your own infographics is a great way to fuel viral growth for your B2B company.

Optimize for Google search

It should go without saying, but every business that sells its products or services on the Internet should be investing in SEO. Make sure your website ranks prominently for all of your target keywords to attract valuable sales-focused traffic.

Take a long-term approach

Inbound marketing takes time, and it doesn’t always generate the overnight growth that a successful telemarketing campaign can. From social media to SEO, give it time and let your marketing efforts develop before you write them off as ineffective.

What’s your favorite inbound marketing technique?

From Facebook Pages to SEO, there are many ways to attract B2B customers using inbound marketing. Which of the above techniques has your business tried, and of those you’ve tried, which techniques are your favorites?


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