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In times of economic recession, marketing budget is the first thing that is generally cut down by businesses. This has an even more damaging influence on your business growth than the economic slowdown. When you cut down on your marketing expenses, you are unable to attract prospective new clients to your business. One of the best ways to market your product or services without any investment is through e-mail signature. By putting an interesting headline, call of action and a link at the bottom of your email signature, you can attract a number of people to your business website. This does not only attract traffic, it gives a professional way of Internet Marketing.

What is Email Signature

Email signature is basically the information that is automatically added at the end of your outgoing email. It is used primarily to let people know about you and different activities you are involved in. Businesses consider this signature line as a company’s online business card with an ability to call back. It is primarily used to alert the recipient of special news of your organizations and enable them to send emails or directly access your web site with a simple click of a mouse.

Simply Yet Effective Tool

Never underestimate the power of email signature. It may appear very simple, still it is a great marketing tool. When you include your company address or website in your e-mail signature you will be surprised to see how quickly this simple signature ad could attract prospective customers to your business.  It is a great marketing technique that can help you in brand promotion.

Use It to Influence Your Customers and Suppliers

You may be using your own email signature for providing information about yourself. Take this to the next level by including company branding, QR codes, social media link and marketing message. This can help you subtly remind your suppliers and customers, about what your business stands for and also invite them to participate actively in your community. Consistent quality signatures can greatly influence your customer loyalty and company branding.

Consistent Signature can be Very Effective

A company must create standard signatures for all its employees in order to maintain a consistent image. Other than employee-specific information elements like title, name, direct phone line and email, certain things such as organization name, tagline, web site address, must be standard for everyone.

Consistent signature line can benefit your company by creating a brand identity for your business. The signature line becomes a primary component of overall branding. It can also serve as a cognitive flag in the sense that the recipient can make connections among various emails received from different employees in the organization.

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