Managing Bad Reviews Online - Bliss Drive

Direct experience: many clients come to me for help with burying a bad online reputation, usually in the form of negative reviews about their product, service delivery, or a negative customer hotline encounter.

The cost of the service is not their issue. They are pretty much content shelling out the money to fix things. What baffles me is that they are unwilling to actually change the missteps they made that led them to the negative review in the first place.

Bad feedback is part of doing business and every operation will have bad days (along with the good ones). I suggest you take your negative reviews in stride as just another day at work. Not to say disregard them like they never happened. But shape the way you do business along the possibility of running into not-so-positive opinions.

But even before I talk about specific methods for burying bad reviews,A great many clients enter the mindset “oh, those bad reviews will fade in time, just do your thing”. But when I explain to them that it pays to shell out the effort and money needed to make things better in the long run, they are usually smart enough to take my advice.

Alright, on to my favorite method for fixing a bad review – go direct to the disappointed party. You read right =) The way to generate better feedback and general good karma is to do good by your attacker (a strong word but stay with me here). Put up a peace offering, usually a free replacement or an additional service to make up for the grief. This humble act can be spun in many different ways to repair your online reputation but the main thing is to invite the reviewer to get inside your culture and see you not as some ghost commercial entity. When they empathize this way, you will likely get a more meaningful review, a better one that shows you fixed the concern and will sit nicely with the search results that appear online. An important rule of thumb with fixing your online reputation management is to put out fresh content, and this act will address that.

This is just one technique for coping with a bad review. If you want to learn about more ways to maintain your good reputation on the Internet, call us at 949-229-3454 for a free talk about upholding a positive reputation through user reviews. Bliss Drive can help sustain your brand’s positive reputation online.

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