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To many businesses, Google Plus remains the odd one out when it comes to social media marketing. Facebook has an established audience of over one billion people, making it a valuable platform for local and international businesses alike. Twitter, likewise, has hundreds of millions of active, responsive users.

Google Plus, on the other hand, is thought of as something of a mystery. Despite its limited popularity amongst most social media marketers, Google Plus has a massive range of opportunities and advantages. These include SEO benefits, direct marketing potential, and networking opportunities for marketers and businesses.

Marketing Your Business Using Google Plus

While Google Plus doesn’t have the same audience size as Facebook, it’s every bit as valuable for marketing your content. Image

In this brief guide, we will cover the basics of Google Plus marketing for businesses both small and large. Read on to learn more about the ‘undiscovered’ social network that could massively benefit your business when used correctly.

Google Plus’s Audience and Popularity

Google Plus could be the sleeping giant of the social networking world. With over 235 million active users, it’s a quarter the size of social media giant Facebook and, for many marketers, a significantly more valuable target.

Unlike Facebook, which is evenly divided between men and women, Google Plus is definitely a male-focused social network. 63 percent of the website’s users are men, with the ratio of men to women swelling even further in certain age demographics.

Beyond gender, which skews heavily towards males, Google Plus is also young social network. More than 42 percent of the site’s users are 18 to 24, with older age groups dividing the remaining 58 percent of users between them. This is a massive contrast to Facebook, which is now attracting a large amount of older users.

Google Plus is also dominated by users in the IT and technology industry. The Online Marketing Trends blog estimates that IT Engineering is the most popular job type on Google Plus. This is reflected in the popularity of technology brands amongst Google Plus users.

Because Google Plus attracts a very different audience to Facebook, it could benefit different businesses. Does your business primarily work with young men, IT sector employees, or engineers? If so, Google Plus could be a very lucrative target for your marketing and sales team.

Google Plus and SEO: Author Rank

Google Plus offers a unique benefit for marketers interested in SEO and content-driven marketing: the ability to link your Google Plus profile to your website. By linking your profile to your website, you’ll benefit from Author Rank – a special feature that makes your Google search results stand out from the rest.

Author Rank adds your Google Plus profile picture to your search results, giving your company a consistent brand that users can identify. This ‘brands’ your SEO, making it easier for your visitors and fans to find you. It also makes your website stand out in Google’s search results, potentially boosting clickthrough rate.

By linking your Google Plus profile to all of the content you publish, you can create an incredibly visible, memorable brand that searchers remember. There is also a growing amount of evidence suggesting that using Author Rank helps your pages rank in Google’s search index, boosting your website’s traffic and sales.

Google Plus and Social Media Marketing: How to Go Viral

While Google Plus doesn’t have the same audience size as Facebook, it’s every bit as valuable for marketing your content. Because Google Plus attracts a younger, male-dominated, and technology-focused audience, it’s a great place to share content that appeals to this demographic.

From luxury cars (Ferrari has had success marketing on Google Plus) to the latest technology, certain products and services can go viral relatively easily on Google Plus. Think about the type of content that a young, predominantly male audience responds to and tailor your content to suit its interests.

Marketing writer Susanna Perkins sheds some more light on Google Plus. She lists seven great marketing tactics for Google Plus marketers that make the ‘forgotten’ social network easier to understand and far more actionable for social media and search marketers.

Think carefully about the type of audience your business would like to attract and apply these simple tips – with a growing audience of 235 million, Google Plus may become your favourite place to market your content, your products, and your business.

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