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Today I’d like for you to meet Alicia Friedmann, an owner of a rather traditional business over at Long Beach. Her interior design business needed a boost of new customers coming from the location of her headquarters. We used an integrated marketing approach to make the most of her online exposure by

(1) Making her online links visible on the homepage
Showcasing these social networking links right on the first page helps her page gain more interaction as viewers add her profile on such sticky venues as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Listing her Youtube link allows viewers to increase her ranking on video search whenever her Before/After interior makeover video is played.

(2) Listing all the names of the California locations
Notice that in the bottom of the homepage, a lineup of the names of the towns within the immediate radius of her business address is listed. This feature is actually a critical element for Alicia’s business to rank on location-based keyword searches made on Google and Yahoo. For example, If a prospect types the word “interior design Torrance”, Google will point the results to her website because of the presence of those very words within the pages of the site. This makes the Torrance resident likely to pick her service.

This video further shows happy Alicia has become with the sales leads coming her way. The client has been answering phone calls from prospects twice as often compared to before Bliss Drive entered the picture.

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