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ID-10066134Picking up from my last post about managing appearances, I now move to the topic of Personal Reputation Management. To distinguish, I mean this not as managing appearances for your company or brand’s identity. I’m talking about reputation management on an individual level, you as a person.

Quick, do a Google search of your name. Try your common name first, then your full name.

Like what you see so far? Did you find a namesake from a different state? From a different industry? Do you have a celebrity namesake (lucky you)?

As business owners, our immediate reputation precede other people’s impression of the businesses we own. Like it or not, whatever that has happened to you as a person and a professional will remain in Internet history. Some achievements are boast worthy and give value to your image. Many of the search results will likely not match you. If you’ve had some legal misfortunes, the court database will usually pick up on your record and show up on search results.

How now? I know what you’re wondering about. First: Can we push the good news that’s maybe hiding under page 3 on Google, to page 1? Second: How do I bury that embarrassing video of me drunk with friends that a friend good naturedly posted on youtube? What follows is the best advice you can take to immediately to allay your online reputation worries. If there’s only one thing to be reminded of, it’s to keep your immediate circle in check.

Most mishap on the Internet starts small. Most common for personal details slipping into the public, it’s their immediate social networking circle that’s invariably made the ‘dam’ break. Your wife tweets your apartment location. Your new-to-Facebook uncle reposts private pictures. Workmates discuss office information on the net. As your personal reputation is your own backyard, it is up to you to be extra careful about what data is available to your network that could be spun in a bad light. Orienting yourself with the privacy settings of Facebook is a good place to begin.

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