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Everyone loves to search on Google, and because of this most businesses use it for advertising their company. PPC is basically an advertising medium which enables you to display your company’s ad on Google and helps connect with your potential customers. Google PPC can transform your search ranking status, increase your ROI and make you more visible in the virtual world. If you are not using PPC advertising you are missing out on a great advertising opportunity for your business.

Google PPC has several advantages. Some of them are:
• Immediate visibility
• Budget flexibility
• Targeted Marketing
• Total accountability

Setting up an ad campaign in AdWords just takes about 10 minutes. The moment you are done with your PPC ad, it will start attracting traffic to your company’s website and you will see your sales increasing in no time. The goal of Google PPC is to get you as many targeted visitors, and you pay very little per click.

You have to pay only for visitors who visit your website. As the name suggests you pay only when someone clicks on your PPC ad. You do not have to pay anything if no one clicks your company’s ad.  No matter what is the size of your business or how big is your budget, AdWords PPC is beneficial for every business. There are a number of PPC advertising options in Google AdWords to fit all type of budget.

Google Pay per click is a great advertising medium not only because Google is one of the top search engines, but also because the advertising in PPC can be highly targeted. It allows you to select those keywords that are relevant to your business. When someone looks for these terms in Google search engine, your ad will come up alongside or if you want at the top of the search result page as “sponsored link”. So, this way you are advertising to only those people who are concerned with the type of products or services you are dealing in.

PPC can undoubtedly increase your traffic and give your company a higher ranking in search engines results. However, if not designed well it can cost you a huge amount as there might be many clicks by users unrelated to your business activity.  To make your PPC ad effective write your ad tightly and target this to those people who are interested in your products or services. You do not gain anything by having hundreds of people clicking your ad and visiting your website unless they end up buying something from you.

Bliss Drive offers PPC consultations and helps you design your ad campaigns on Google Adwords. For more help on setting up your Pay Per Click campaign, contact us at 949-229-3454.

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