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Smart Tools to Get Into in 2013Here’s a little known secret to retaining your profits: stop spending on things you don’t need to pay for!

I hope I got your attention with that quick line. It’s true you see – the best things in productivity and business tools, just like the best things in life – are free! With the influx of so many new inventions there’s bound to be a newer, better, cheaper, even free replacement for a certain tool that you’re currently shelling out money for.

Here are 3 of my favorite online tools that I’d like to recommend to any small or mid-sized operation.

Don’t pay for office productivity software licenses: Use Google Documents!
You get to save money as well as hardware space. You don’t need powerful computer resources to generate inter-office documents. Everything is stored on the Internet (aka in the cloud). The best part is that, location becomes a non-issue if your team needs to collaborate on a document. For example, an employee encoding new inventory from a branch can access the exact same database that the headquarters is referring to for forecasting use.

Don’t add to your permanent human resource headcount if you don’t have a stable cash flow: Tap the freelance market!
Use ODesk or Elance to get fresh talent! Freelance portals like these are also good for tapping manpower for one-time projects, common for companies that are just starting to build their operations. Simply post an ad and wait for offers from prospective contractors that are suited to your job description. Contractors even have profiles that feature reviews from past superiors. You save on time not to mention the cost of maintaining manpower.

Don’t pay for traditional advertising. Use free social media marketing tools like Facebook to make noise for your brand!
It used to be that advertising was the wealthy company’s domain. Only brands that had enough money were able to buy space for TV, print and radio. Not so with Social Media Marketing. Facebook has been a great equalizer first of all because anybody can get into it for free. It has been the small company’s best ally for getting noticed in the marketplace.

Slash long distance phone charges. Use Vonage to get a flat rate for nationwide calls!
Vonage is a popular service that features a flat monthly fee for calling any US or Canadian number. Many other similar packages are available for the taking if you Google “cheap US calls”. Flat rates for your telecommunication expenses is a great tool for reaching more locations without the bill shock at the end of the month.

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