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Over the last decade, social bookmarking has grown from a small niche into one of the most popular services on the Internet. Websites dedicated to social bookmarks such as Delicious and Reddit have developed from small communities into massive online meeting places, attracting users and businesses en masse.

Many businesses, however, take the wrong approach to social bookmarking. Instead of seeing the value it offers when used properly, they take the old-fashioned tactics used by direct marketers and apply them to a platform that, in many ways, just isn’t responsive to them.

In this guide, we’ll explain the five greatest benefits of using social bookmarking for your business. We’ll also offer a brief tactical rundown of how you should go about achieving each of these benefits, and what you shouldn’t do to achieve success.

1. Build valuable SEO backlinks

SEOs have long known that social bookmarking is a valuable strategy for building backlinks. Despite this, most SEOs have never fully capitalized on social bookmarks for SEO, with most taking the old fashioned spray-and-pray approach instead of building content specifically designed for social bookmarking websites.

Content that goes viral on websites like Reddit and Delicious can lead to a massive amount of backlinks for your website. In order to make your content go viral, you’ll need to be subtle about your marketing efforts and helpful for users. Don’t prepare a sales letter – instead, create a useful resource for social bookmarking users.

2. Attract visitors to your website

If your website offers a product or service for sale, you can attract new customers by capitalizing on the massive traffic of most social bookmarking websites. Millions of people use websites like Reddit and Delicious every day, making them an excellent target for attracting new business.

As with backlink building, the key to success with attracting customers from social websites is subtlety. Be indirect – don’t directly market to users, but offer content that’s valuable to them and interesting. If you can attract tens of thousands of new visitors via social bookmarking, you could potentially attract new customers.

3. Categorize important articles and resources

Do you like to share new content with your team? Do you occasionally read articles and guides that could be of value to your employees and contractors? Bookmark any interesting guides and articles using Delicious and tag them so that your employees and team members can also read them.

This saves you emailing important content to your team members. It also gives you a social platform for discussing content, as well as a lengthy archive of any content that’s relevant to your business, making it easy for you to search and reference the content whenever you need to.

4. Join the conversation and build your brand

Social bookmarking websites are hives of activity, attracting millions of users that are interested in everything from home renovations to new technology. By joining the conversation, you can build your business’s brand while networking with your potential customers at the same time.

Find a social bookmarking community that’s relevant to your business – the many subcategories of Reddit are great for this – and start contributing to the discussion with interesting information and helpful resources. Don’t market – just offer some value for the community – and you’ll build a powerful, memorable brand.

5. Communicate with customers and prospects

Do your customers congregate on social bookmarking platforms? Websites such as Reddit and Delicious have communities for every topic under the sun, and it’s very possible that your company – and your company’s products and services – may be the topic of discussion.

Search for your company and product names on popular social communities – you can also use Google Alerts to automate this – and create an account to become a part of the discussion. This allows you to communicate directly with your customers and establish a public relations asset that you can use for support and promotions.

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