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Get Better Web Conversion with these Tips!What is web conversion and why do you need to pay attention to it?

Let me give you a simple definition: your website conversion rate is the percentage at which your website visitors complete a desired action.

For majority of small business owners, the main purpose of websites is as a showcase to sell your product or service. So if we switch to a profit-driven viewpoint, your website conversion rate now means the percentage of visitors who actually buy the stuff you sell or leads who contact you for your services.

Did you know that on average, the conversion rates for websites come to a low 3%? The good news though is that many websites actually convert at 10% or higher.

But how, do you increase your website conversion? How do you spruce up your low-converting site to a high-converting one? Let us count the ways.

Identify your customers. Properly segmenting your target market puts you in the right direction for better website designing. Identify the immediate needs of your customer and use them as ideas for a unique selling proposition. For example, if you are a service provider. People want your services to be fast, needs quick pricing quotes, etc.

Make customers want you with your USP. Your USP or Unique Selling Proposition is your drive to get leads and later on convert to sales. With the needs that you identified with your customer what can you come up as your unique selling point? Make sure your unique selling point responds to the need or if you’re aggressive enough, create the need.

Make website visitors listen with their eyes. Now, that you have defined your unique selling proposition, how do you make it clear to your potential customers?  The answer is strategic enticement. Shout out your USP with bold headlines, Want visitors to sign up to your newsletter? Add buttons that will make them sign up. The key is making sure every element you put in your website contributes to funneling visitors to do an action that you target. Call-to-actions are old-school but they work every time. Sales copies with clear and strong message also do the trick.

Be easily available. Not one customer I know wants a tedious task before they can finally talk to someone. Not one. Making your contact numbers obvious on your website is a good rule of thumb. Always put them in your website’s header and make it big.

Having a chat on site is also recommended especially if you have an Ecommerce site. A question about a product can convert into a sale if you can answer an inquiry right away.

Does your contact form have too many fields? Try to cut it down to essentials and get information that can be easily contacted.

You see increasing conversions means you’re willing to step up and generate more leads with your website. It creates better action funneling and  may improve customer  service and sales. It may mean further web development but every step is worth it.

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