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Create Your Website's Mobile Version Today!If you haven’t got a mobile strategy yet, do not waste time. By next year, (less than six months away) more web users will get online using their phones vs computers. In two years, there will be a one to one ratio of mobile phone to earthling. These figures cannot be ignored – you simply need to create your website’s mobile version today.

The most important thing to understand about the mobile web is that your customers are already mobile. More and more, end users are doing the things they used to do on their desktops over their mobile phones. Web activities like research, social media and shopping are as important on the big screen as it is in the small screen.

In this article I will share simple yet high-impact tips to help you provide an engaging mobile experience for your viewers. End-user engagement is key!

Rule of Thumb

Make your interface thumb friendly for easy navigation. Remember that phone users get around with their thumbs, so be sure to make the page design large enough for thumbs to take the place of web activities that are usually meant for a mouse or a trackpad. A look that’s designed for large hands is best for overall useability.

Make it Easy on the Eyes

Eyestrain is the mobile user’s common enemy. Be particular about designing your color scheme for improved visibility, especially in low-light areas. Select colors that emphasize contrasts. Be also mindful of the page contents fitting inside the webpage without the viewer having to squint.

Make Use of Mobile Site Redirects

Mobile Site Redirects are codes that can help signal if a visitor is using a mobile phone. This code will automatically show the version that is appropriate for the viewer. You will need the help of a developer to plug in the redirect code on your website.

Design for Speed

Phone users are more often in a hurry to get tasks done or retrieve information. It is important to design your mobile page so that it loads quickly and exhibits easily digestible text. Keeping things quick will help more viewers patronize your page.

Sync for a Continuous Experience

Translate as much of your desktop sites’ features as you can into your mobile site. If your desktop version is in close sync with your web features, you’re delivering a seamless experience for your customer.

You need the help of a skilled developer to implement your new mobile look. The best way to begin is with our Free Website Audit which includes a Mobile page consultation. Call 949-229-3454 today to get a free consultation about your business’ mobile marketing options.

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