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To some, Web 2.0 is an outdated buzzword used to describe everything from social media to online collaboration. To others, however, including well-known supporter of Open Source software Tim O’Reilly, Web 2.0 remains one of the most important and valuable concepts for online developers and modern businesses.

For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s important to know exactly what Web 2.0 is, and how it differs from the static web – known as Web 1.0 – that preceded it. From the mid-1990s until the early 2000s, most content on the web was static – websites were coded in their final form, with little use of dynamic elements or databases.

Why Web 2.0 Still Matters For Your Business

Since interaction is such a vital part of business success, Web 2.0 remains one of the most important of the online developments for businesses. Image

Web 2.0 changed the paradigm of the Internet from consumption and reading to a collaborative, interactive environment. Examples of Web 2.0 technology include the growing number of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and the massive development of online collaboration tools.

In simple terms, Web 2.0 is interactive, whereas Web 1.0 is not. Since interaction is such a vital part of business success, Web 2.0 remains one of the most important of the online developments for businesses.

Using Web 2.0 to Your Advantage: Collaboration

Collaborative tools like Google Drive and Basecamp are hugely important for many of today’s top businesses. During the Web 1.0 era, online collaboration took place over email conversations, often with hundreds of messages being sent to each person and conversation far more distributed than accessible.

Today’s top collaborative tools use databases to keep communications synchronized and easy to navigate. This allows a far greater degree of collaborative activity than a Web 1.0 environment could make possible. There’s a reason productivity has risen in the years following Web 2.0 – because collaboration is now far easier to achieve.

Using Web 2.0 to Your Advantage: Marketing

Web 2.0 has made marketing far more powerful than ever before. Unlike the days of the pre-Web 2.0 Internet, in which marketing was limited to banner advertising and direct public relations, today’s online marketers have hundreds of new ways to get in touch with potential customers and clients and market their businesses.

From social communities like Reddit to massive online networks like Facebook, the huge amount of platforms on today’s Internet make it easy for companies to speak to their customers directly. This cuts out the middlemen of the previous generation of online marketing and gives far more power and control to businesses.

Using Web 2.0 to Your Advantage: Research and Development

Online businesses now have more resources than ever before to use for researching new products and technologies and making them a reality. From bookmarking and organizing tools like Delicious to online storage platforms like Dropbox, the logistics of operating an online business are now clearer and simpler than ever before.

Even outsourcing certain business processes is now easier than ever. Many online businesses turn to Web 2.0 outsourcing platforms to find contractors and skilled staff, bypassing the long delays and frustrating hiring process that was the norm prior to the development of Web 2.0 technology.

How Can Web 2.0 Help Your Online Business Evolve?

From collaboration to research and development, the advantages of Web 2.0 are immense. Whether its finding skilled contractors or managing information for an upcoming product, Web 2.0 makes all aspects of business – from research to sales, marketing to customer support – far easier for businesses to manage.

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