4 High Quality Link Building Techniques for White Hat SEOs and Big Brands - Bliss Drive

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, it’s essential that your SEO efforts have a positive effect on your brand. From shady link building to on-site text that’s clearly written for search engines, swinging too far into the black hat category is one of the fastest ways to damage your brand through SEO.

If you want to enhance your search engine rankings without compromising your brand in the process, these four high quality link building techniques should form the backbone of your SEO efforts:

Contribute to high quality websites

One of the most effective ways to promote your business and improve your search engine rankings is to contribute high quality content to the top publications in your industry.

No – we’re not talking about low quality, generic guest posts on lame blogs. Instead, we’re talking about real SEO: actively reaching out to magazines, news websites, and leading blogs to deliver content that truly benefits their readers.

Does your company have a unique approach to business that could be helpful to the readers of a top business blog? Let the publisher know. Do you have a new product that’s insanely useful for web designers? Let the bloggers know.

Reaching out to high quality websites with real content is a great way to generate inbound links – often with a relevant anchor text – while offering immense value.

Work with industry associations

There’s a trade group for every industry. Whether your company sells gardening equipment or cupcakes, joining trade associations and local business groups is an excellent way to build powerful inbound links to your website.

As well as enhancing your search engine rankings, having your website listed in the ‘links’ section of a trade association is an excellent way to generate business from an audience that’s actively seeking your services.

Develop and share great on-site content

Does your company have a Twitter account? A Facebook page? A LinkedIn company listing? Sharing your latest blog posts and informational articles on social networks is a fantastic way to build inbound links from your followers’ social accounts.

If you post engaging content on your company’s blog, submit it to social networking communities – Reddit and Hacker News are great choices – to let others that work in your industry keep up to date with your business’s latest activities.

Build ‘link magnet’ on-site content

One of the most effective ways to build inbound links to your website is to provide useful tools and applications for users. A helpful online application – say, a weather checker or calculator – can attract hundreds of organic links from casual web users.

Think about simple applications that you can build to help people in your industry, and hire a developer to create them for you. A simple $100 application can often be enough to encourage thousands of people to link to your company’s website.

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