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A lot of business owners, quite rightly, take a profit-focused approach to marketing and advertising. If a certain marketing activity doesn’t lead to profit, either instantly or later down the line, it’s scaled back in favor of more profitable and effective ways to market.

It’s a perspective that’s easy to understand – with limited marketing resources and monthly revenue targets to achieve, only the most directly profitable ways to locate new customers are worth pursuing.

While this perspective can be easy to understand, it often leaves more on the table than it brings in to your business. Many prospective customers and clients need to be sniffed out and found using slower, less action-focused forms of marketing.

A company blog is one of these slow, less action-focused marketing avenues – a web marketing platform that, to many business owners, falls behind SEO, PPC, and other measurable and actionable forms of marketing.

While a blog might not seem like the most profitable marketing asset for your small business, when used properly it can be a powerful and immensely profitable way to attract new customers and clients.

Using a company blog to answer customers’ questions

Pretend you’re the owner of a small automotive repair store. What would your best customers be searching for on Google? Often, search keywords that are worth a lot to your business aren’t sales-focused, but information-focused terms. For example:

  • “How to change a car’s oil”
  • “How to fix a tire in Orange County, California”
  • “How to register a vehicle in Southern California”

All of these search keywords are of immense value to your business, but none can be effectively targeted using a page on your website or a PPC ad. Because of this, one of the best ways to bring these customers to your website is by developing a blog that’s focused on helping potential customers with their problems.

By using Google’s keyword tools to find common questions being asked by your best customers, you can work out how to answer their questions using your blog. Write a post on each and every core question, complete with a call-to-action directing users to your contact page in order to close each sale.

Using a company blog to improve your overall SEO

Blogs are powerful assets for SEOs, particularly when used to target long-tail search keywords and strengthen your website. Over the last two years, Google has focused on prioritizing fresh content in search results, giving you a remarkable advantage if your website is frequently updated with fresh, relevant content.

Put together a company blogging schedule – once a week or every other day – and stick to it. Use your blog to target secondary SEO keywords or simply talk about the key issues and concepts in your industry. The choice is up to you – any content that is relevant to your niche can have real SEO benefits.

Using a company blog to market your business

In certain industries, company blogs can be used to find new leads and attract new customers. This is particularly true in the technology industry, where many of your best prospects could be reading blogs very similar to your own company’s blog.

By tailoring your blog posts to touch on topics that your audience will be interested in, you can use your company blog to attract customers directly. Answer questions that your customers are interested in, or offer insight into your industry to source fresh, interested customers.

When used properly, even the most basic and infrequently updated blog can become a powerful sales and marketing asset for your business. Free yourself from the idea that a website is static and you’ll enjoy higher search engine rankings, better sales, and a sense of community around your website that bests your competitors.

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