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Every business search engine optimization campaign should start in the same place, local searches. Local search engine optimization are becoming increasingly popular these days. Just about everyone has a smart phone, and they have no problems using it to find much more than a phone number. Getting your business to rank well in local searches is easy, but your business will not get any of the benefits of local search if it is not listed in all of the popular local search directories.

An introduction to Bing Local

Microsoft wants to be part of the search engine craze. They have their very own search engine, and it is called Bing. Bing provides world wide search results, and millions of people use it every single day, but there is one part of Bing that many businesses do not even know about. It is called Bing Local. Bing Local puts the power of searching for businesses and products directly into the hands of local consumers. By using a smart phone, consumers can quickly locate food, businesses, restaurants, services, and products quickly and easily, and that is just the beginning. Once consumers find what they are looking for, they can get information, contact information, and directions to what they have searched for. If your business is not listed in Bing Local, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

How much does Bing Local cost?

You won’t have to make room in your advertising budget to get a listing in Bing Local because it is 100% free. Bing offers every business the chance to claim their very own free listing in Bing Local. All you have to do is sign up and start getting all of the great benefits that local search has to offer.

Your very own portal at Bing

Your local business listing at Bing is just like having your own mini web site in the Bing directory. You can very easily fill your profile with important information on your business, highlight some special deals that you may be having, provide your hours or operation, list all of your contact information and more.

Showcase your products or services that will encourage people to choose your business. Your business can also benefit from powerful reviews that other customers can leave about your business. This is very powerful, and reviews will often help convince a consumer to buy from you.

Getting your site listed in Bing Local is super simple. Showcase your business today.

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