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The Yellow Pages used to be the first place that people went when they wanted to find some information about a company, service or product. Technology may have changed the way people look for information, but the Yellow Pages can still play a huge role in getting some much needed traffic to your web site. By leveraging the power of the online version of the Yellow Pages, you can open a new doorway for traffic. A doorway that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have a great web site built, but you don’t do anything to get people to it, then your new fancy web site will be pointless. The more places that you can get your web site listed, the more chances you will have of getting some more customers and increase your visibility with this tool for local search marketing. Getting your web site listed in the online version of the Yellow Pages is all part of the bigger picture, and getting a basic listing is 100% free!

Yellow Pages and reviews

Your business listing will also have the power of reviews. People will be able to leave positive reviews about your business. This is an extremely powerful tool that no business can afford to miss out on. People love to read reviews and see what other peoples experiences were like. It helps make your business seem more real, and it adds a sense of trust.

Rise to the top

You did not invest in a web site so that you could show your friends. Your web site is a tool that is supposed to bring you more sales, and customers. Adding a listing at the Yellow Pages will help your site naturally rise to the top. The best way for your web site to rise to the top is by getting links that point back the your site from well known sources. A listing a Yellow Pages will do just that.

The more the merrier

Submitting your web site to just the Yellow Pages may not be enough. The more places that you submit your web site, the greater the exposure will be. There are plenty of other online directories that would be happy to list your business. All you need to do is submit your web site to them.

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