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When is the best time to start SEO for your brand new or newly redesigned website?

I get a lot of customers coming to me with either a current website in need of a redesign or with a newly launched site.  Now you have to understand that most designers, although they will say they will give you an SEO friendly website, know pretty much nothing about SEO.  What they typically do is (if you’re lucky), they’ll keep your existing URL the way it is, so you don’t lose any SEO rankings.  Or the second option is they will do a permanent redirect.

Most people come to me with a new website getting a lot of drop in traffic and slow ranking.  This is because they not only developed a new website and it has new URL links, but they also wiped out all the old URLs, which had rankings.  This says to me that the designer didn’t do proper redirects and the site structure and silos are all off.  The designer is showing now that they did not do proper tags, et cetera.  A lot of technical on-page jargon that a typical web designer, developer, does not understand about SEO.  A lot of the work that may have had success with new the website was all wiped out.  This puts the business is in trouble in terms of their website ranking.

The best time to get an SEO opinion or get someone to help you evaluate is actually before the website launches.  That way, you can have the SEO team do an audit for you and make sure that there’s proper redirects and make sure the site maps are there, the bots and text are there, and all the on-page checklists are done properly.  This should be done before you launch the website to make sure that the website goes smoothly and get the best possible ranking from search engines from the start.

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