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    What is eCommerce SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (widely known as SEO) involves optimizing the content and structural design of your website. When performed properly, SEO enhances your site’s visibility on search engine result pages when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase. The objective is to generate an attractive return on investment for your business caused by a higher number of qualified visitors to your web site.

    eCommerce SEO


    At Bliss Drive, we offer flexible and effective eCommerce SEO Services to meet the ever-changing needs of your eCommerce business. Our expertise can help you achieve:

     Better & More SERP Rankings
     Highly Targeted Traffic
     Improved Conversion Rates
     More Return Customers
     Larger Orders, Larger Sales Volume


    From the creation of optimized product descriptions with original content to the selection and use of every target keyword, we offer customized eCommerce SEO services approach that’s as unique as your business. We focus on deep optimization of the product and category pages of your online store to make your business more visible on search engines. In turn, you’re rewarded with more exposure of the products and services that your customers need.


    If you want to succeed in the competitive world of eCommerce, you have to stand out. You need consumers and potential customers to see your site, and then recognize your value – the wealth of products and services that you offer. Our goal is to help your online presence be unmistakable through customized eCommerce SEO services to help you consistently rank higher in Google search results.


    Every eCommerce company is different, and we know that’s what allows you to provide value to your visitors. You offer the products and services your customers need, and we work to determine how you do it. We don’t fix what isn’t broken – what we do is help you better articulate your brand and the products you’re already selling. We provide that extra boost required up to make sure always a few steps ahead of your competition.

    In the Niche of Time

    We’re here when you need us. We’re convenient. We’re reliable. We’re accessible, and we help to make sure you’re offering timely support and exceptional services to your customers as well. We focus on the latest trends before they happen and use time-tested keyword research for your ecommerce company store. We also utilize techniques that will drive better, more qualified traffic, that produces real, measurable results.


    An an expert e-ecommerce seo services firm, we stand a step above our competition when it comes to competitive Ecommerce SEO services. We know you need better organic traffic, real-world recommendations, great customer reviews, and strategies based on proven methods. We know you need answers sooner rather than later, and that’s why we continue to deliver the e-commerce seo services you require. Bliss Drive is here not just for today and tomorrow, but for the long-run so your eCommerce business can continue to evolve in the future with our tried and tested eCommerce service expertise.

    Our 7-Step SEO Process


    We focus on the basics for our eCommerce SEO services process. It’s only seven steps, making it easy to follow but it allows us to offer the level of responsiveness, and real-world results your Ecommerce site requires.

    1. Identity & Definition

    We’re going to ask you a lot of questions, because it’s important for us to understand who you are and where you stand as an Ecommerce business. Who are your SEO competitors? What your goals? What have been your biggest challenges in the past? What strategies have failed you, and which have shown promising results? Our focus is not to change who you are, but instead to partner with you to move forward with hand-tailored solutions that guarantee a sustained, long-term increases in your sales, profits, and overall success.

    2. Strategic Analysis

    We lay out our course of action in clear, understandable terms so that you can understand our intent. We won’t go off on our own and try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we’ll outline specific steps that we should take and the expected outcome of those steps. We also consult with you to learn more about the strategies you’ve already employed, which helps us make the best use of your money.

    3. Roadmap Forward & Destination

    With the action items in place, we’ll determine which direction we’ll take, along with the associated timeline. By discussing where we’re headed, how we will get there, and how long we expect it to take, we’ll immediately know if and when we veer off-course. This leaves less room for error, and shortens the time required to begin seeing real, quantifiable results.

    4. Continued SEO Services

    Since your eCommerce website is constantly changing (and growing), SEO services will be an ongoing process. To ensure that your website and product pages consistently rank in Google search, it’s necessary to review, add, and adjust your site’s material on a regular basis.

    5. What About Content Marketing?

    Yes, content is key to your user experience, but it’s not just a one-time thing. We focus on making sure that every page on our site has original, high-quality, and compelling content that is free from errors or wordy jargon. Furthermore, our content marketing is designed to drive organic traffic while also serving to make you known as an authority in your respective industry.

    6. Influencer Focus

    We work hard to ensure your content is the best it can be. However, we know that what other people say about you is also important. Through cross-promotion and influencer-based marketing strategies, we foster the distribution of quality content that positively reflects upon your products and services. The end result? More exposure, and an excellent first impression which attributes to your overall growth.

    7. Review & Next Steps

    We constantly review your eCommerce website to find opportunities for improvement. We give you a clear picture of the traffic you’re seeing and the results we’re delivering, while strategically plotting out the next steps in our journey together. It’s all part of the package: continual optimization, for measurable, ever-improving results… All from the company you can trust to handle SEO services for your eCommerce business – Bliss Drive.

    What Sets us Apart?


    We are different from most SEO companies because we really want to see you succeed with your eCommerce website. It’s not just our goal and mission, it’s also our passion. We continue to monitor what’s working, what’s not, and how the latest industry insights will affect you specifically. For us, SEO is not a guessing game. The signs are all there, and we know exactly where to look. We take decades of industry knowledge and translate it into actionable directives that bring the high-converting revenue generation you need.


    Words are powerful, and that especially true regarding keyword research and optimization. We review the pages, products, and categories on your site, then focus on the organic integration of keywords, including long tail keywords. Our goal is to deliver action-oriented content that’s clear and concise, so your brand message and product descriptions are easy to understand. By focusing on optimizing the use of keywords across your Ecommerce site, we make sure that your site visitor’s journey is not overly complicated, or annoying. We also make sure it’s easy for your visitors to find exactly they need, which means they’re much more likely to convert into sales.


    We guarantee satisfaction in delivering not only the content you need, but also by fixing the existing content on your Ecommerce site. Some pages on your site may have been live for years, and in that time, your products and services have evolved. We know there are many factors that are beyond your control, so we work to fix the broken links, duplicate content, errors, incorrect product descriptions, and more. We make sure your visitors have a clear idea of what you’re offering and what’s included, without the annoying “404 page” errors or other turn-offs. Errors hinder sales and also affect your search rankings. Only when your eCommerce site is error-free can it perform at its best.


    Keyword research is important, so naturally we work to find keywords that perform for you, but we also focus on the conversion rate of Ecommerce websites. We continually monitor visitor’s actions and results to see what’s working and what’s not. When something isn’t performing, we pin-point that shortcoming, and modify it until we see improved results. We strive to deliver the best performing content for every page on your site, including each blog post.


    You need consumers and potential customers to find your site, but also to understand the value of your products and services. One of our most strategically important tasks is to create guest posts and then make use of our cross-promotional channels to drive promotional traffic between the platforms. The goal is to drive traffic to your site, while also offering additional voices and testimonials to the chorus of sources that are already singing your praises.


    With constant changes to your online store’s product and category pages, it’s important to monitor, develop, and adjust your content. The search engine’s algorithms are also constantly changing, which means we must always be looking for ways to bring your site higher in Google’s search results. It’s not fast or easy, but our continued diligence pays off in terms of consistently improving the traffic and conversions for your ecommerce store.

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