About BlissDrive, Your Next Digital Marketing Agency

About Bliss Drive

The Bliss Drive Mission

At Bliss Drive – your results-driven, strategic digital marketing partner of choice – we are inspired to provide the very best, most comprehensive web marketing service available anywhere. Many agencies make these claims, but few actually deliver.

Our priority is to maximize your online exposure, not only to help you acquire more customers, but acquire better customers which lead to more sales and larger profits.

We strive to exceed your expectations and goals, to see your business succeed in every way possible. We are fully dedicated to achieving real, quantifiable, satisfactory results… The truth is, our reputation depends on it!

The Bliss Drive Name

Our company name is a true reflection of our core values.
 “Bliss means a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy.
 “Drive means motivation to succeed.

Pursuit of Happiness

We want our company and our clients to be motivated by the pursuit of joy and happiness in life.

This approach is ultimately far more beneficial for long-term business and personal success.


We want to help you achieve and surpass your business goals, so you can focus on what makes you happy in life.

This is where we find our joy, happiness, and accomplishment.


We are inspired to apply our business & marketing creativity to help your business thrive.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your business succeed because of our combined efforts.

Meet Our Executive Team Of SEO and Marketing Experts

Richard Fong

CEO & Founder

Jeremy Fremont

Branding Strategist

Bernard Ablola

Marketing Automation

Daniel Parker

eCommerce Specialist

Ashar Alam

Paid Ads Strategist

The Bliss Drive Promise…

You’ll receive outstanding service and support from a team of real marketing experts to grow your business!


We run on high octane fuel. This means quick service and prompt support that you can always rely upon.

Over 50+ Years of combined experience

Trust the Riverside SEO industry experts to deliver results that will help you beat your competitors. Experience pays dividends!

Stress free delivery of work and Projects

We understand you’re busy. This is why we provide a reliable Riverside SEO service where we do all the heavy lifting.

POSITIVE ROI is the Top Priority

Internet marketing is a real investment, and should earn you money. Let us help grow your bank account.


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