4 First Steps to Grow Your Los Angeles Business Using SEO


Whether you run a B2B or B2C business, search engine optimization can turn your website into a powerful, cost-effective source of leads. In big cities and metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, the benefits of SEO are even greater than they are in small cities. With a huge population to tap into, ranking even for a “small” keyword is often all it takes to drive a huge volume of prospects and customers to your business. Just like with most marketing strategies, SEO is just as much about taking action as it is about putting together the perfect strategy. Put continual effort into ranking your website and, even if your gameplan is far from optimal, you’ll still see measurable results. Below, we’ve put together a simple four-step guide for businesses in the Los Angeles area that are just getting started with SEO. From structuring your website the right way to optimizing your subpages, the steps below will help you begin to generate traffic and leads from organic search. See about SEO company Los Angeles.

Understand Your Industry’s Top Search Terms And Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of effective search engine optimization. Without an understanding of the search terms your prospective customers use, it’s extremely difficult to improve your site’s visibility and start generating traffic. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, the first step you should take in any SEO campaign is to understand the most effective keywords for your business to target. You can do this using tools like the Google Keyword Planner, or by talking to our expert search engine optimization team. Keywords can be divided into several categories. We recommend targeting buying keywords, which have more obvious commercial intent than informational keywords, as the foundation of your SEO efforts. You can also target ‘interest keywords’ that are related to your business. Once you’ve put together a set of keywords that are closely related to the products or services you offer, you can move onto active, on-page optimization.

Optimize Your Sub-pages For Hyper-local Search Keywords

One of the benefits of operating a business in a large metropolis like Los Angeles is that local keywords aren’t limited to the city itself. Instead, you can target a huge range of cities, suburbs and other areas within Southern California in which your business operates. This is hyper-local targeting -- SEO based on suburbs and communities rather than much larger metropolitan areas. When used effectively, it can drive highly targeted traffic to your website and generate some of the most pinpoint accurate leads your business will ever receive. The best way to optimize your subpages is to create content for each district, suburb or area in which your business operates. For example, if you run a roofing business, you can break your website into specific pages for each ZIP code. This type of hyper-local targeting lets your business gain traction faster, as ranking for extremely localized terms is much less difficult than ranking for city-wide terms. This can be a great source of leads as you focus on optimizing for shorter-tail, city-wide search keywords in the future.

Build The Foundation For City-wide Keywords As Early As Possible

Ranking for city-wide local keywords such as “los angeles dentist” is a real challenge, especially if your website is new. Not only do you need to compete against bigger businesses -- you’re also competing against older, more authoritative and significantly more heavily linked websites. This makes it important to lay the foundation for city-wide rankings as early as possible, even if you aren’t actively targeting them. By having the local citations, links and other signals as early as possible, you’ll put your website in a far better position to rank for its target keywords one or several years from now. There’s a saying that “SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.” Just like you’d prepare for a marathon as early as possible, preparing to city-wide keywords several months in advance puts you in a far better position when you decide it’s time to finally take action.

Once You Reach The First Page, Optimize

There are two ways to expand your website’s search presence. The first method is to make your reach as wide as possible by targeting keywords related to the search terms for which you rank, such as “dental implants los angeles” after you rank for “dentist los angeles.” The second method is to make your reach thin but tall by ranking for a smaller number of search terms, but at a higher position. Surprisingly, the second method -- ranking #1 for a small number of keywords instead of #6 for a large number of keywords -- is often the most effective at generating a large volume of leads for your business. Once your business pops onto the first page for any of its target keywords, make a push to bring it into the top three positions. Traffic on the first page often increases exponentially as you move closer to the top, making it worth putting in the extra time for a top three ranking.

Improve Your Website’s Search Visibility

Our company specializes in finding profitable search keywords and improving your website’s visibility. If you’re new to the world of SEO Los Angeles, our expert team can put together and execute a detailed plan to give your business the search visibility and traffic it deserves. Learn about the top SEO companies Los Angeles.

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