4 Questions to Ask Your SEO Company Before You Commit to a Contract - Bliss Drive

Search for ‘SEO Company’ in your city and you’ll likely be hit with page after page of results. From independent consultants to large SEO companies, narrowing down the lengthy list of prospects to a single choice can be a daunting and difficult procedure.

One of the best ways to find a great SEO company is to interview prospects. Almost all SEO companies will offer some of their time for a chance at your business, which makes it easy to take part in a quick SEO question and answer session.

These four questions can help you quickly isolate top-performing SEO companies and avoid shady operations. Ask each and every one of them, and if you score five winning answers, you may have just stumbled upon a fantastic SEO operation.

“Can you guarantee a number one ranking?”

Here’s a trick question that a surprisingly large number of shady SEOs will quickly fall for. Ask your SEO candidates whether or not they can guarantee a number one ranking for a tough keyword within a short time period.

Great SEOs know that there are hundreds of factors that go into a website’s search ranking. Because of this, they will be hesitant to offer any guarantee, aside from the promise of overall progress and possibly a guarantee of first-page rankings.

If your SEO consultant guarantees you the top spot for a competitive keyword in as little as three months, pick up your things and walk away. Companies that promise rapid rankings generally use black hat strategies that result in long-term SEO harm.

“How do you build links?”

Link building is no secret, and any SEO company worth its salt will be happy to give you a brief summary of its link building strategies. From press releases to blogs, the link building strategies of most large SEO companies are often common knowledge.

If an SEO company is hesitant to tell you about its link building methods, especially its ‘all purpose’ link building strategies, it may be engaged in link spam – a violation of Google’s guidelines that can cost your company its search presence.

“Can I talk to your existing clients?”

Aside from confidential search campaigns, most SEO companies should be happy to show you the results that they’ve achieved for long-term clients. From top rankings to revised websites, positive results are the hallmark of a great SEO firm.

If one of your SEO prospects is unable to show you any client success stories, the reason should be obvious: it has none. Stick to SEO companies with a track record that indicates successful results and happy customers.

“What makes you different from other SEO companies?”

Los Angeles SEO is a fairly crowded industry, with low-end firms and corporate entities often competing against each other. As a potential client for SEO companies, you should spend some time investigating what makes your potential SEO firm so special.

Some firms specialize in working with small businesses. Others are great for large, corporate clients. Others specialize in a particular industry. If your firm can show you its special advantages, it’s likely a great match for your business.

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