Create Yahoo! Deals Coupon for More Customer and Search Value

Create Yahoo! Deals Coupon for More Customer and Search Value Richard Fong, CEO +Founder, SEO Analyst

In 1990s and early 2000s, the coupon culture was somewhat dead. But now when the economy is going through its worst phase in recent times, Americans have rediscovered their love of coupons. Now, they are always looking for means to get great savings. Whenever they come across any strategy that saves their money, they are attracted towards it. Yahoo coupons have become very important for businesses, especially small businesses who can use the Yahoo portal to create an online virtual store for their products and services offering discounts to their customers. Businesses of all types are using them as an effective sales promotion tool and online marketing strategy to attract customers.

What You can Do with Yahoo Coupons

Yahoo Merchant Solution includes a coupon manager by which you can set up coupons with specified value on a particular item you are selling in your store. You can thus create a coupon code using Yahoo store manager and then use it as a promotional advertisement through e-mail newsletter, web banner or even offline advertising. Your customers can enter the coupon code you have created for a particular product of yours on their order form while checking out and receive the discount.

You can set a minimum amount of purchase for the coupons to be effective, minimum quantity or even provide free shipping to certain products as promotional measure to your customers.

From a search engine marketing standpoint, this also adds more value to your online presence and searchability. But only if you optimize your coupons with the right keywords that will generate conversions and if you also have a Yahoo Local Listing. (See our post on How to List your Business in Yahoo Local)

How It can Help

  • A great way to convince new customers:

Using Yahoo coupons can help you bring new customers to your online store.  Yahoo coupons can convince customers who have been shopping in other stores to consider trying your products and services. If your product is in a higher price bracket and you are a newcomer in the business, a yahoo coupon can make your products immediately attractive to many potential buyers.

  • A great way to convince new customers:

You can reward your loyal customers. You can use Yahoo coupons to encourage your old customers to buy again from your store. By sending them one or two yahoo coupons, you will get them to shop again with you. It is like providing them good reason to come to you again.

  • A great way to convince new customers:

Yahoo coupons boost your profits by sales of other items. While shopping for the required items, customers may also buy items that include coupons which they did not intend to buy.

  • A great way to convince new customers:

Yahoo coupons encourage customers to impulse buying, because a product available on discount suddenly becomes very attractive and the customers tend to buy them on impulse because they think that the discount may not be available all the time and it is best to use them when they are available.

  • Move your overstocked or items that have been discontinued
  • A great way to convince new customers:

There are some bargain hunters in the market who are looking for discounted products for all their purchases. You can attract these customers to your products through Yahoo coupons.

  • A great way to convince new customers:

If there has been a problem experienced by a particular customer, you can somewhat appease him or her with a discount coupon after their problem has been resolved.

These days people who go to purchase anything actively look for yahoo coupons. Clever business owners are taking full advantage of the current trend of the growing popularity of yahoo coupons among consumers. They are using them as marketing strategy for their products and enhancing their sale.

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