Improve These Elements on Your Small Biz Website to Get More Leads - Bliss Drive

A redesign of your website, if done right, could produce favorable sales results for your website. Tweaks in the web design to the right direction could spell the difference between a trickle and the steady flow of incoming sales leads for your business.

Here are just some of the most important elements that will lead to improved lead generation for your website:

A Self-Selling Landing Page

A landing page is the page where viewers of your site first arrive at. Most often, this is your website’s first impression. Since this is the end user’s first touch, it would be wise to setup the page so that it prompts your desired action, such as a purchase or data capture. A clear message written in the second person (You, or Your) will help deliver a persuasive pitch. Team it up with design that’s visually free of clutter and you’ve got a winning combo.

Make Closing Easy

Closing could either mean a sale, or the completion of a desired action. Imagine a viewer browsing your page, credit card in hand, ready to seal the deal. Or a viewer ready to leave their contact details but don’t know how. This lead is precious. Too often, the all-important call to action is buried deep inside too many clicks, buttons, and/or links within your site’s inner pages. Don’t make the mistake of keeping this type of viewer trapped in unnecessary page bottlenecks. A common example: placing an order form inside two inner pages rather than immediately out front. Make audits within your pages and immediately trim down the steps between your customer’s interest and their point of action.

Fast Loading Speed

It is important for your pages to load fast. Attention span has gotten shorter and shorter these days. If your page takes too long to load, you just made a bad impression on your audience. They will not hesitate to look elsewhere for what they need. That’s a potential lead lost. It only takes 3 seconds or less to get the visitor’s attention, so make it count.

To achieve fast page loading speeds, reduce unnecessary clutter in the layout of your website. Reduce the image size of your graphics without sacrificing quality. The more you trim, the faster your page will appear in front of your valued viewers.


Consider testimonials your digital word-of-mouth. Showcase these gems in high traffic areas within your entire site. Word-of-mouth is free, catchy and very effective. If your pages are peppered with these elements, it would be a cinch to inspire customer confidence and and even easier for existing website viewers to replicate the good word to their friends, potentially increasing new leads to your site.

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