What Is The Difference Between Workflow And Governance In A Content Strategy?

What Is The Difference Between Workflow And Governance In A Content Strategy?

Content governance refers to a set of rules and quality control methods that guarantee the content you develop and publish is consistent, accurate, and of high quality. Content workflows, on the other hand, are utilized to construct a content governance model and are focused on action rather than rules. 

Coming up with a content strategy can be tricky, but you can utilize content governance to take control of your content workflow with these steps:

Establish KPIs

A content strategy must identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to define what effective content entails. It determines the purpose that a particular piece of content serves and what role it plays in the greater picture of your content strategy. 

Document Your Content Workflow

Coming to a consensus on how content will be created and disseminated requires codifying a content workflow in order to improve responsibility and enable governance. Your material will be incoherent if you don't have a defined workflow and repeatable, documented processes. 

Determine Roles

While every person must have a distinct function in governance, there must be someone whose job is to organize creators and editors to guarantee that the final assets adhere to your branding. Once you have someone to do that, each individual involved can contribute to the process.

Developing a solid content strategy with governance and workflow is challenging. With the help of digital marketing experts, the process can be less intimidating and a lot more effective. Visit Bliss Drive now and check out our content marketing services for a comprehensive content strategy that will put your brand in the spotlight.

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