What Is The Most Important Buyer Persona Trait?

What Is The Most Important Buyer Persona Trait?

Buyer personas are semi-fictional depictions of your ideal customers. These personas are based on data and research, and creating them can help you focus your time on quality leads, guide product development, and coordinate all activities across your business that have to do with customer acquisition and retention.

Your buyer persona should have a name, demographic information, interests, and traits. Additionally, you need to be aware of their objectives, pain spots, and purchasing habits. In other words, you should consider this model customer as if they were a real person. There are various traits to examine, but the personality trait is the most significant one.

If your buyer persona exhibits particular personality traits — for example, a business owner is most likely to exhibit openness because they are imaginative and curious — then the language you use to attract their attention and convert them should reflect this.

To create buyer personas, you must consider a variety of factors about your prospective customers, including demographics, age, gender, and budget/income. However, in order to have a more precise target, you must look at where they may fall on each of the five major personality trait scales:

  • Openness 
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extroversion/Introversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

If you can identify the personality traits that your buyer persona(s) have, you can figure out the types of keywords your target audience searches for and how they navigate the web. Furthermore, it can help identify the kind of messaging your target audience responds to. 

If your buyer persona has a high level of openness, for example, your content should emphasize innovation and possibility. If the consumer persona's openness score is low, however, emphasize data and tradition.

Overall, creating a buyer persona requires meticulous research and discernment. Get the help of digital marketing experts to come up with the correct language and messaging that will be positively received by certain buyer personalities. 

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