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What is Cannabis SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (widely known as SEO) involves optimizing the content and structural design of your website. When performed properly, Cannabis SEO enhances your site’s visibility on search engine result pages when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase. The objective is to generate an attractive return on investment for your business caused by a higher number of qualified visitors to your web site through effective cannabis SEO tactics. Read about SEO service Los Angeles.

Cannabis SEO

Aspects of Successful SEO

Targeted Keyword Research

Quality Keywords are still important but even more so for cannabis SEO. We ensure you have a cutting edge list of effective cannabis-related keywords that drive the type of traffic to your website that gives you’re the return on investment possible. The cannabis industry requires innovative use of search results data. With cannabis SEO — organic search is king.

Website Structure
Web development that begins with making it is easier for search engines to find your content results in a higher position on Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) that translates into a higher conversion rate. Our team design a site for you or take your great looking site and make it even more accessible with a solid cannabis SEO strategy.

Optimized Backlinks
Our cannabis SEO team keeps your backlinks relevant to the page they are found. As a result visitors to your site stay longer and are more likely to follow through by contacting your office.

Our number one goal is to ensure visitors to your site find the high-quality content you have ensured your site contains. Cannabis SEO is a must in the crowded field of cannabis marketing, but the resources you spend on it can be lost in the black hole if your site’s message isn’t clear, or if the design is difficult to navigate.
Our team at BlissDrive are cannabis SEO experts and can ensure that no matter how small or large your site may be, every visitor finds what they are looking for.

Identifying Problems
404 errors, 302 (temporary redirects), and duplicate content are the most common roadblocks to effective ecommerce websites. This is especially true for large scale producers.

Blog Content
High-quality blog content is a perfect way to generate internal links throughout your site. Along with longtail posts of 1500 -2000 words we can advise you on the approach to content creation that best suits your business. Nothing produces organic traffic like good SEO content strategy.

Link Building
Links from quality websites and other marketing channels that are related to your business amount to a popularity vote that lets Google know you can be trusted (an important factor in its algorithm). Good links are not generally bought but rather earned with solid content, a winning promotional plan, and creating something that cause your visitors to become digital evangelists that share links to your site with everyone they know.

Google penalizes links that appear unnatural – meaning most likely paid for – so we work hard to ensure your content and links are organic.

Meta Data
The value of metadata has lessened over the last decade, and while it’s no longer a key strategy, it remains an essential aspect of cannabis SEO. If someone tells you differently, run the other way!

Responsive HTML for Mobile
While this probably sounds obvious, your SEO strategy should not only include a mobile-friendly website but MUST prioritize it. The vast majority of cannabis users spend the majority of their screen time on their phones. Effective cannabis SEO involves understanding the ‘mobile customer’, their searching habits, and the differences in using various devices.

Google Mobile Indexing
This is so important; it demands a separate heading. Google knows that mobile devices produce more search traffic than desktop/laptop machines. As a result, the social media giant has stated that it has already begun the process of going for mobile-first indexing. Your current and potential customers are more often than not searching for the product you have to offer on their phones.

Social Media Integration
Organic social media is The best way to promote your cannabis business but few producers know how to develop a social media strategy that takes advantage of it.

By recommending a move as simple as refocusing their social media efforts on Instagram and an app designed specifically for their company our team has helped position many of our cannabis SEO clients as authorities in the field.

We know that at least 70 percent of your potential customers already use their phones and apps like Instagram to find what they are looking for. Instagram is a platform that depends on pictures more than words as a welcome mat while allowing an unlimited amount of text in the caption. We help you to show the cannabis using world that you are the best in your market.

SEO Process

Our Seven-Step Approach to SEO for Cannabis

1. Discovery
In your fast growing and already crowded field, identifying SEO goals, market research, and identifying opportunities are essential. We give you the tools you need to fashion the most effective possible marketing campaign. Strategy
Identifying long term (organic and high visibility) and short term (low hanging fruit) SEO targets is an important part of designing your marketing strategy. We consider ever step in the SEO process from content creation to effective calls to action to cultivating digital evangelists.

2. Strategy
Our aim is to surpass both short-term and long-term goals. From content creation to choosing the right marketing channels, to effective calls to action, we formulate a strategy that makes your SEO efforts sustainable and profitable.

3. Benchmarking
We track your rankings and use analytics to keep a watch on Google marketplaces and the freshest and most effective local keywords as possible.

4. Site Optimization
By passively training search engine bots to understand your cannabis website we teach Google and other platforms to work for you.

5. Content Development
This is where a deep dive into the market and knowing where to dive is most important. Our high quality content creators populate your site with engaging content while avoiding any red flags they might torpedo your great content. We close the gap between online search terms and your site’s content.

6. Authority Building
White Hat Link Building that causes Google to respect your site result in a higher ranking is necessary to build authority.
7. Review and Reporting

Bi-weekly reporting for traffic, ranking, and leads/sales are used to update your website’s performance. If any short term or long term adjustments are needed to improve digital presence we suggest the changes you might want to consider.

Independent cannabis dispensaries and large organizations alike can have a digital marketing strategy that harnesses the power of the ever-changing algorithms of Google and other search engines. Our SEO team at BlissDrive enables you to implement simple strategies that will improve your site’s search engine visibility.

Addressing your needs

Our SEO team helps make your Cannabis digital efforts become the go-t0 sources for the end users of your product.
Digital Marketing within the cannabis industry can be daunting for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the threat of a federal crackdown keeps some businesses fearful of advertising on the web at all. Secondly, not all advertising platforms are open to (or acceptant of) cannabis being promoted. There is a fine line in how to market your cannabis-based business online safely and effectively without wasting money – and at this time, of the most effective methods is SEO. While we can’t offer legal advice, we can definitely keep you informed of what the leading internet platforms like Google, and most social media networks have determined are acceptable practices.

The challenges facing cannabis-based businesses, especially cultivators and brokers, are unique to the industry but far from insurmountable. Some of those challenges include:

• The fact that Cannabis still isn’t legal everywhere – According to ProCon. org, some form of cannabis is now legal in 29 U.S. States. Some of those states only recognize medical marijuana as legal while others have legalized the adult recreational use of the product. We keep abreast of ways to legally work around what appears to be a roadblock to intrastate advertising.

• Paid advertisements are still out – Even where cannabis is legal, many major platforms and companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram are not allowing canna-business to use their platforms for paid marketing.

The BlissDrive team recognizes the challenges that face Cannabis dispensaries in sustaining a growing digital presence in such a rapidly evolving, yet controversial market. We enable you to avoid the mistakes that can make your site yesterday’s news and today’s page 10 on a Google search. Our goal is to ensure your digital efforts are a positive source of revenue rather than frustration.

We specialize in enterprise SEO platforms and offer real world case studies of how we have enabled them to increase their ROI without tying up their human resources in the process.

Forget the old search engine marketing tactics that were cheap but didn’t work. We help you build a holistic SEO strategy that uses real data and proven methods that organically produce the conversion rates you are looking for.

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