How we helped Carry Out Supplies increase the number of calls from Organic Searches by up to 35%

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    Project Details


    The Challenge

    Improve Organic search positions for high-buying intent keywords, which leads to Increased traffic, and more call volume from Organic Searches


    Our Progress

    Improve Organic search positions for high-buying intent keywords, which leads to Increased traffic, and more call volume from Organic Searches

    Google Search Console Data – Search Analytics

    We’ve seen an uptrend in Search clicks being detected in Google Search Console for our target pages in the Last 90 days

    click graph image

    We’re seeing a climb in Search impressions which means top Organic search positions are already achieved for top keywords, however, we need to further position the Yogurt Cup line further for more variations of the search terms related to yogurt and increase traffic.

    graph chart image

    Top Traffic Pages

    On their first month, Carry Out Supplies is generating Organic traffic, however not as substantial to bring in high number of leads. The traffic and value increased by 83% for Beverage product line on the first 3 months of their SEO Campaign.


    We’ve also seen this change in the Frozen Dessert product line, which, gained 42% increase in Organic traffic, value and keyword index. The data is backed by the recorded visitors from their Shopify Analytics.

    laptop table chart

    Keyword Positions

    Keyword Positions

    Traffic increased from “Coffee Cups” group due to consistency in positions, however there’s still opportunity to boost 2 valuable keywords to the Top 1-3 spot.

    coffee-cups keyword table
    hot-cups keyword table

    Hot Cups

    Most of the keywords belonging to “Hot Cups” group were positioned within the 2nd page of Google and now positioned at top 5-10

    Yogurt Line

    yogurt-line keyword table

    Most of the keywords in “Yogurt” group increased in rankings and traffic. About a third of the total number of keywords are from the 2nd page of Google. Two-thirds increased to the first page with high buying intent keywords climbing to Top 1-3

    Our Next Challenge

    seo laptop rocket graphic image

    Now, that we have increasing momentum in gaining Organic search traffic, how can we maximize the traffic into higher conversions/sales?

    Our answer: Conversion Rate Optimization

    With continued effort on SEO, add in Conversion Rate Optimizations, this will be another great case study to look forward to.

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