Why You Should Focus on Long-Tail Keywords First and Short-Tails Later

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A great SEO campaign is shaped like a tree: thousands of small roots stem into a few big branches. The most effective websites generally don’t target thousands of highly valuable short-tail keywords and a few smaller keywords, but thousands of long-tail keywords and a few carefully selected short-tail, high-traffic keywords.

Using the tree metaphor, let’s look at the approach that many SEOs take to building and executing their SEO campaigns:

Step One: Target 10+ lucrative, high-value, high-traffic keywords.

Step Two: Focus link building on these keywords and no others.

Step Three: Develop content solely for these high-value keywords.

The end result is predictable: their website moves up the ranks for its top keywords, but not at a particularly impressive speed. Instead of achieving a first-page ranking – and thus, receiving traffic – it sits on the second or third page, failing to attract more than a few monthly visitors from its ‘lucrative’ target keywords.

The unfortunate reality of SEO is that listings on the first page of Google receive a far higher share of traffic than those on the second page. The ration isn’t 70:30, as many expect, but something far closer to 98:2. Being at the bottom of the first page is a big boost over being at the top of the next, despite the closeness in numerical ranking.

Because of this, the best SEO campaigns are often planned with the lowest-hanging fruits targeted first, and the biggest fruits last. Long-tail keywords – keywords that receive as little as 100 searches per month – are the ideal initial target for your SEO projects due to their lack of competition and relative ranking simplicity.

Instead of the three-step model for failure we’ve discussed above, a successful SEO campaign should use the following three-step system:

Step One: Target 100+ lucrative yet low-traffic keywords.

Step Two: Focus link building solely on these low-traffic keywords.

Step Three: Develop content that targets all of your search keywords.

It takes very little effort to rank prominently for long-tail keywords, making them an ideal target for the early days of an SEO campaign. Better yet, every piece of content you build to target a long-tail keyword during your website’s early days becomes an exceptionally valuable SEO asset when it’s time to target higher-value keywords.

Think about it: it’s far easier for a prominent, well established website to rank for a high-value term than it is for a brand new website. As such, it’s worth building your website to become established and respected before you target the search keywords that are so frequently out of reach for a newcomer.

Great SEO is far more about planning and strategy as it is about the sheer volume of links and content you can generate. A website that’s built up gradually, with modest targets in its early days and ambitious targets later in its lifespan, will experience a long-term advantage that no race-to-the-top SEO effort can ever hope to match.

Submit Your Website To SuperPages

Your web site will not be worth one penny if no one can find it, and there are several methods that you can do that will help people find your web site much easier. All of these different methods can be combined into one huge SEO campaign, but where should you start your campaign? You should start by adding your web site to the online directory, Superpages.com. This will help your web site in local searches, and best of all, a standard listing is 100% free. You won’t have to spend a dime to start getting the benefits of a listing, and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

The first step is finding out if your business is already listed in their directory. It is an easy process. All you have to do is type in your business phone number. After you type in your business phone number, you will be presented with a few simple choices. Just fill out the online forms and you are done. It really is that simple.

What are the benefits of getting your web site listed with Super Pages?

Millions of internet users every single day use Super Pages to find information about companies. If your business is not listed there, then these people will not find you. You can easily claim your own business listing and start benefiting from the millions of people who use Super Pages every single day.

Create a company profile.

You could think of your company profile at Super Pages as a mini web site. Don’t leave out any details about your business. People want to be told what to buy, and how to buy it. They want to know why your business is better than one of your competitors. Let them know why they should choose you. List all of your company’s details on your Super Pages company profile. List your hours of operation, your location, the products or services that you offer, and the best way that they can get in touch with you.

Use the power of a discount.

Your free listing also gives you the power of creating a coupon. Shoppers love deals, and adding a coupon to your listing is not only simple, but it will help to inspire a customer to try your business or services.

Having a listing at Super Pages is just a small part of the bigger picture, but every single little piece can really help add up to more traffic.

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The Power of YouTube for a Local Business

Most people associate YouTube with “the” place where you can watch a variety of different videos. Video marketing in Irvine, CA has changed the way local businesses advertise and sell their brand on the Internet. It has videos on almost anything you may be interested in, whether it is celebrities, music, how to videos, product reviews or even silly videos. But the power of YouTube extends far beyond this.

YouTube can help you promote your local businesses. It has the huge power of spreading the word about your website, service or product. You will be making a big mistake if you underestimate this power and fail to capitalize on this capability of YouTube.

A Site with Huge Popularity

Audio visual medium has always attracted viewers and YouTube is one of the most popular audio visual mediums having millions of users. It is widely popular among local businesses and they are actively using it to reach out to their target market and to increase their traffic. YouTube channels are just like your personal TV stations. Here you can broadcast to the world about your local business.

Do not be far behind your competition. Create your own channel and upload your videos in YouTube and share it with the viewers.  The process of uploading is extremely simple.

Power of YouTube

Believe it, Youtube is a great medium for demos, product launches, interviews, public relation communications, tutorials, advertisements and much more. YouTube offers a place where you can store all your video files and provide backlinks from your blog, website and social media sites. This can improve the SEO ranking of your business as it enables you to tag each of your videos with target keywords. This way you will have viewers who will subscribe to your video channel and thus increase the base of your local fans.

Drives Awareness

YouTube improves awareness among your target customers as well. It gets a huge traffic, even without the help of Google. If YouTube had been a standalone search engine, it would certainly have been the second largest search engine in terms of traffic. With millions of Americans watching a huge amount of videos every month, having a YouTube channel for your business is a useful way to increase your brand awareness.

Optimize Your Videos for Search

With the monthly viewership of over 20 million and literally millions of videos available, it is quite possible that you may be lost in the crowd. Work seriously on making your company’s videos rise to the top and rank high on the search engine. This can only influence viewers to watch your video and know about your products or services.

Be creative and make an engaging video, select the keywords carefully, ensure that the videos direct viewers to your site and actively participate in YouTube community. These will help you get noticed in YouTube.

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