What To Do When Google Changes Your GBP Information

What To Do When Google Changes Your GBP Information

Google Business Profiles (GBP) are crucial for local SEO.

Google has developed methods to prevent misuse and improve the accuracy of GBP listings and their display on Maps. As a result, Google often updates business listings without warning.

If Google has changed your GBP information, you can take the following actions:

  • Maintain NAP and brand consistency
  • Leverage users feedback
  • Secure your entity in Google’s Knowledge Graph
  • Get professional help

Businesses must know how, when, and why Google updates these listings. This information can help your business prepare and deploy strategies to avoid data inaccuracies.

How Often Does Google Update GBP Listings?

Mirador Local, a GBP management tool developed by SALT.agency, has observed Google Business Profiles (GBP) updates over the past three years.

The platform's data shows that 44% of their GBP listings have experienced updates in at least one data field within the last 36 months.

The updates display a certain seasonality, with November, December, and the period before Easter experiencing more frequent adjustments, especially in data fields like opening hours.

Another notable observation from Mirador Local is that Google once updated the names of 192 profiles for the same brand by removing the “™” symbol.

Google usually does not notify owners about the changes they make. But do note that some of these changes can affect your business and its customers. This includes changes to incorrect updates to your business hours, phone number, or website URL.

Moreover, changes like removing the "™" from a brand name might seem like an annoyance. Yet, they do have their implications.

How Does Google Get the Information It Uses to Change Your GBP Listings?

Google verifies any edits to GBP using different sources to prevent system misuse.

These sources include:

  • Business details from the "owned" website. This includes contact page info and schema declarations.
  • Information from "external" websites like BBB, Companies House, and authoritative directories.
  • Public contributions through the Local Guides program, reviews, photos, and manual edits.
  • User interaction data with the location.
  • The consistency of the business's name, address, and phone number (NAP) is essential for local SEO.

Being featured in the Map Pack can be beneficial but has also led to frequent exploitation. In response, Google has enhanced its validation process using these various data sources to curb abuse.

As Google's systems aim to block spam and heighten accuracy, legitimate businesses sometimes face collateral challenges. This includes requests for additional verification.

Optimizing for Google's GBP Validation Systems

There is no way to optimize your GBP for Google's algorithms or AI directly. However, make sure to check that the information present in the system is accurate, consistent, and well-optimized.

NAP and Brand Consistency

Maintaining the accuracy of your business's name, address, and phone number across the internet is crucial. This practice has been essential for over a decade. However, with current Google operations, it's necessary to extend beyond basic consistency checks.

Google's validation systems cross-reference business information from your GBP with other sources.

This includes:

  • Online directories
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Government databases
  • Local business associations

Make sure there is uniformity in the informaiton present on these platforms.

I suggest Bliss Drive clients create citations only on well-known directories and platforms. These would allow them to make edits whenever necessary.

Monitoring and Leveraging User Feedback

Monitoring and Leveraging User Feedback On Your GBP

Google values feedback from searchers and the Local Guides community. After all, they are the ones who contribute to the accuracy and quality of listings.

They provide real-time insights to help identify inaccuracies or outdated information not detected algorithmically. They also detect when the digital footprint isn't robust enough for validation.

When users submit feedback, Google checks their credibility by comparing them with other data. This may lead to Google requesting more information or verification from the business owner. This enables them to address or confirm the suggested edit within a set timeframe.

Businesses can also encourage customers to confirm details like opening hours by asking them to mention specific times they visited. This includes notes like "stopped by at lunch" or "enjoyed an evening at." This type of feedback helps reinforce the accuracy of your business information and supports your E-E-A-T strategy.

Content Policy Awareness

It's vital to be aware that Google also has mechanisms to prevent "spikes" in user-generated content that may violate its content policies.

Utilizing user feedback and within these guidelines can strengthen your business's online presence and credibility.

Strengthening Your Entity in Google's Knowledge Graph

Securing your spot in Google's Knowledge Graph is necessary. This would prevent Google from updating your Google Business Profile with incorrect information.

An entity in the Knowledge Graph represents a distinct "thing" or concept. This is further characterized by unique attributes like name and type, as well as its relationships with other entities.

With Google drawing on diverse data points across the web, similarities in names or service categories with other businesses can result in their information mistakenly appearing on your profile.

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