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    Project Details

    JC-LA, a leading provider of commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles, partnered with Bliss Drive to enhance their digital presence and improve search engine visibility. The primary objective was to increase organic traffic and improve search engine rankings in a highly competitive market. 

    The Challenge 

    JC-LA was encountering significant challenges with their low search engine ranking, online visibility and engagement. Their initial impressions and clicks were low, keyword rankings were not competitive, and the click-through rate (CTR) was dismally low at 0.02%. These issues hindered their ability to attract clients in the competitive digital realm.

    The Goals And Objectives

    The primary goals for JC-LA's SEO campaign were to substantially increase the number of impressions and clicks, improve keyword rankings, and enhance the overall CTR. Additionally, enhancing the website's usability and technical SEO were critical to support these objectives and ensure a smoother user experience.    

    Addressing The Challenges

    To overcome JC-LA's digital marketing challenges, Bliss Drive implemented a comprehensive multi-faceted SEO strategy including targeted SEO tactics to enhance visibility and attract more organic traffic by focusing on high-performing keywords relevant to JC-LA's services. These keywords saw notable improvements in both impressions and search rankings. 

    The website's content was overhauled to better engage the target audience, and technical SEO aspects were enhanced. Significant improvements were also made to the website’s design and functionality, optimizing load times and mobile responsiveness. Further, a robust link-building strategy and comprehensive off-page SEO efforts were implemented to strengthen JC-LA’s domain authority and enhance its search engine credibility.

    Overall Impressions And Clicks

    JC-LA Overall Impressions And Clicks

    JC-LA experienced a remarkable increase in online visibility since the campaign took off. Once Bliss Drive stepped in, impressions surged by 670.9%. Before joining us, JC-LA’s overall impressions were stalled at 32,618. After a few months of SEO optimization, these numbers rose to a staggering 251,653. Clicks also rose dramatically by 1,328.6%, from a mere 7 to 100, reflecting significantly enhanced user engagement.

    Keyword Specific Performance

    JC-LA Keyword Specific Performance

    Once we implemented our strategies, the campaign delivered outstanding improvements for key terms and phrases. Impressions for targeted keywords soared by up to 7,554.2% and search positions improved by up to 87%, significantly boosting their overall ranking.

    Quarterly Performance

    JC-LA Quarterly Performance

    Before Bliss Drive stepped in, JC-LA’s average impressions were at 34,317 and clicks at 7. Once we got started, they showed solid quarterly growth. Impressions grew to 91,784, and clicks went up to 38. The average search position improved from 57.59 to 38.29. These improvements indicate a consistent upward trend in the website's search engine performance.

    CTR Improvement

    JC-LA CTR Improvement

    Before the campaign started, JC-LA had a click-through rate (CTR) of 0.02%. Soon after the campaign began, they saw a rise to 0.04%, marking an 85.3% increase. This was a critical measure of campaign effectiveness for JC-LA and it reflected a better alignment between search result visibility and user engagement.

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