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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (widely known as SEO) involves optimizing the content and structural design of your website. When performed properly, Legal SEO enhances your site’s visibility on search engine result pages when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase. The objective is to generate an attractive return on investment for your business caused by a higher number of qualified visitors to your web site. Learn about the Cost of SEO Service

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We Deliver Exceptional Solutions for Your Legal Site 

Our SEO services for attorneys and law firms go above and beyond, creating more than just a simple presence on the web. We formulate custom strategies that bring real results. Our proven methods can help your legal-based business achieve:

Better Search Engine Rankings
Increased Traffic from Qualified Visitors
Brand Recognition, Credibility and Awareness
An Enhanced User Experience
A Stronger Overall Presence Online
Higher Conversion Rates
More Calls, More Leads, and More Clients

Get Your Legal Practice in Front of Your Top Prospects 

As SEO specialists, our perspective is unique. We measure success by our ability to achieve the desired goals of your business model and capitalize on your expertise in the legal field. With our high level of experience and years of working with attorneys practicing in all areas of law, we offer digital marketing services that land you in front of the clients you specifically cater to, which means you’ll get better results from your leads. Getting more visitors to your website is worthless if it isn’t the right kind of visitor, and we know this very well. Quality is better than quantity, and we strive to achieve real, quantifiable results that continually expand your client base.

Clear, Professional, and Searchable

What does it take for your website to show up at the top of the search results? A lot of hard work. 

SEO optimization, legal keyword research, and content marketing strategies that are designed for the legal industry are something we excel at. We’ll improve your website’s rankings and help you maximize your site’s exposure. We put your law practice in front of the most qualified prospects so you can enjoy better leads, higher conversion rates and more clients for your firm. 

Remarkable & Unique

How do you stand out from your competitors in the legal industry? How do you compare with large organizations and big-name firms in organic search? What are their strengths, and what are their weaknesses? What are you offering that they’re not, and how can we use SEO to capitalize on that? These are all questions that need to be answered.

First, we’ll work to identify what your clients are looking for, analyze that data, and then create a functional, feasible strategy with which we can move forward. 

Our team emulates your sales funnel, and then transforms your website to express why and how your services are of the highest caliber. Our large-scale optimization services fine-tune the inner workings of your Legal site to make your overall presence and mission stand out in a sea of mediocrity.

Cutting-Edge & Current Technology

The legal industry is a booming market, but it’s also highly competitive – and rightfully so. We utilize the latest in data and technological solutions to ensure that our strategy is the best for your Legal practice’s unique needs, and we do this across a variety of lucrative and popular  marketing channels. We offer high-tech solutions for optimal SEO placement, backed by a wealth of results-oriented techniques and cutting-edge market research. With our years of experience helping people just like you, there’s no better choice than Bliss Drive to connect with your target audience..

What Makes SEO Different?

Those seeking legal services are looking for someone knowledgeable who has a solid reputation that they can trust. Often times, this person’s future, finances, and freedom depend on your ability to deliver what they need. Because of this, we work with you every step of the way to help you understand how our SEO strategy works. We also make massive efforts to understand your business model and who you consider to be your ideal client so that we can help you reach the people your best suited to serve. In the end, you’ll be reaching your target audience, getting more organic web traffic, and achieving higher conversion rates

Our 7-Step SEO Process for Your Legal Practice

1. Discover Your Mission

Define company goals, conduct market research, and highlight opportunities

We do our homework to learn about your mission, competition, goals, and opportunities. We need to understand the direction you’re going with your legal practice so that we can adapt, identify, and deliver the best solutions. After all, we’re partnering with you to ensure your growth and success.

2. Strategy and Planning

Identify and solidify both short-term and long-term SEO targets

Our goal is to meet and exceed your goals. We like to lay out a very clear and concise plan that allows to see exactly what we envision. Based on our understanding of your business goals and culture, we discuss plans and possible strategies for the character, content, and structure required for your long-term needs.

3. Benchmarking

Evaluate current data and performance – what gets measured, gets improved

We must determine and set milestones because these are the important markers that give us a direction and focus for progress. We’ll analyze the data from your site as well as the latest industry trends. We’ll compare and contrast the two, and then discuss which performance goals should serve as indicators of success for your legal website. With these benchmarks set in place, it’s easy to measure your growth as time goes on. You’ll see exactly how far you’ve come since day one because it’s all there – transparent, quantifiable, and ready for evaluation.

4. Site Optimization

Allow search engines to read and understand your website properly

SEO is not a “once and done” kind of endeavor. It’s a continual process of analyzation, recommendation, and implementation. We follow our industry, roll with the changes that search engines constantly make, and are keen on the latest trends. We monitor your competitors at regular intervals, we make changes as needed, and we always give our 100% to bring you the best service available anywhere. What’s more? We have integrity and  take accountability.

5. Content Development

Create relevant, high-quality content that makes you an authority in your industry

Original and well-written content is crucial in helping your legal practice rise to the top and become a real competitor. That’s why we check every page and article for errors, consistency, readability and also usefulness. 

What does your content say about you and your company? Are you seen as an authority in your field or just another lawyer? Does your content set you apart from the others? Are your articles compelling and newsworthy? Does anyone really care what your saying, and is the information actually useful to them? If it’s not, you’re wasting your time and your money. We ensure that your content creates interest and value at every turn.

6. Link Building

Utilize proper link building methods for improved rankings and more referral traffic

Link building is a daunting and complex process consisting of a variety of methods and practices. The purpose is to acquire links from sites who already have high rankings on search engines, so that their large volume of readers will be exposed to the links leading directly to your website. This facet of SEO also serves as an indicator of authority when observed by search engine robots who determine how and where your website should rank.

7. Review & Reporting

Monitor and deliver bi-weekly reporting of rankings, traffic, leads, and sales

Without regular reports, there’s no foolproof method for tracking performance and progress. While you might see and uptick in sales or leads, it’s important to know where they come from and why. Keeping extensive records of data and lending proper examination to that information is a key to continual expansion. It’s also important to us that you understand how and why this is all happening. This  is why we keep you looped in on the performance, report what’s working and what’s not, offer insights on the traffic trends for your site, and discuss adjustments that will further enhance our efforts.


As your personal SEO team, we work diligently to ensure that your Legal practice achieves maximum exposure on the top search engines. We offer  a variety of flexible and customizable services, including:

Real Search Data
Market Trend Consulting
Content Creation
Paid Search Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Web development
Conversion Rate Optimization
Social Media Management
Email Marketing Campaigns
And much more……

Target Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. This is what your whole campaign will be built around – the key words and terms used by your target audience when they’re seeking legal services. 

We work to naturally implement the top-performing legal keywords into the text of your website to attract the type of audience who benefits you the most. Our goal is to help you create relevant, high-quality content that will inspire your clients to action.

Addressing Your Current Needs

A legitimate website will make you more trustworthy not only in the eyes of a potential client, but also for search engine standards. As an attorney or legal firm, it’s important to display a clean, correct, confident, and professional appearance not only in person, but on your website as well. We ensure that your online persona sets a great first impression by identifying and fixing any existing errors on your website including:

Broken links
Duplicate content
Improperly labeled images
Broken, slow, or non-functional contact forms
Typos or grammatical errors
Incorrect sitemaps
Bad meta tags and page titles
And much more…

We integrate the best SEO strategy possible while rectifying any possible problems to ensure that your customers get the best experience on your website, and so the search engines can readily see that your website is up to par with standard protocols..

Optimization of Your Services Content

We want your customers to get a sense of who you are as a Legal firm and why they should pick you to represent them in their legal matters. We make sure your content directs them to a clear call-to-action, inspires them to transact with you, and gets them excited about your service. 

Again, attorney and client relationships are built on trust and confidence, so the better you can deliver the message of security, the more likely they are to confide in you and your services.

Link Building and Cross-Promotion

Links to your website are another critical part of a proper SEO campaign. We create inbound links and focus on cross-promotional opportunities for your website which result in more referral traffic and better rankings on the major search engines. This is done by networking with other credible and relevant websites, business directories, and other platforms where your prospective clients frequent, bringing you even closer to your target audience. 

First, we create original, informative, and valuable content about pertinent and popular legal matters relevant to your services. Next, we share that content on high-ranking third party sites and other marketing platforms. That content includes compelling calls to action and hyperlinks back to your website or other marketing channels where the reader can learn more, and hopefully become a client.  

It’s not easy work, but we facilitate the entire process for you, including the composition of content, determining where it’s best placed, and monitoring its performance.

Ongoing Analysis & Check-in

As part of our optimization and analysis efforts, we continue to improve to your legal site. We review, analyze, scrutinize and record as much data as we can, because for SEO, data is like gold. 

Staying relevant to your audience is an ongoing process, and that is our specialty. If you’re interested in taking long strides that build a positive and consistent level of growth for both the short-term and the long-term, continual review and improvement is an indispensable practice. Do it once, do it right, and then do it all over again – that’s how successful marketing works.

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