How Bliss Drive's Strategic SEO Overhaul Catapults Saint Investment's Organic Traffic by 2,282.46%

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    Project Details

    Saint Investment, a firm offering socially responsible real estate investment opportunities, engaged Bliss Drive to revamp its digital strategy. The primary goals were to improve search engine visibility and attract more investors through enhanced online presence.

    The Challenge 

    Before engaging with Bliss Drive, Saint Investment faced significant digital hurdles due to an outdated website that lacked SEO optimization and modern user engagement features. This deficiency led to minimal website engagement, which, combined with poor keyword rankings, resulted in low organic traffic. These challenges severely hindered their online visibility and constrained their ability to attract potential investors, posing a critical barrier to growth in the competitive real estate investment market.

    The Goals And Objectives

    The SEO campaign for Saint Investment was designed to substantially enhance their digital presence. The primary objectives included increasing organic traffic and lead conversions to boost site visits and investor interactions. The campaign also aimed to improve keyword rankings for better visibility and enhance user engagement through more interactive website features, leading to increased form submissions and phone calls. Additionally, it focused on extending user dwell time and optimizing content performance by identifying the most and least effective posts, ensuring a targeted approach to content strategy refinement.

    Addressing The Challenges

    Bliss Drive tackled Saint Investment's digital challenges with a strategic approach. They conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s services and audience to inform a website redesign that was both SEO-friendly and user-centric. The strategy included developing and publishing high-quality, relevant content, implementing schema for better search engine comprehension, and enhancing the site's internal linking for improved navigation and SEO.

    Additionally, Bliss Drive optimized the user experience through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), performed a detailed technical audit with necessary fixes, and optimized images to speed up load times. Regular monitoring and adjustments were facilitated through bi-weekly and monthly reports to ensure ongoing improvement.

    Organic Traffic Growth and Quarterly Performance

    Saint Investment Organic Traffic Growth and Quarterly Performance

    The SEO campaign initiated by Bliss Drive in 2021 led to a substantial and consistent increase in organic traffic for Saint Investment and steady quarterly growth. Along with rising organic traffic, impressions and user engagement consistently grew.

    Saint Investment Organic Traffic Growth and Quarterly Performance

    Before Saint Investment began their campaign with Bliss Drive, their website had an average of 57 visits a month. Soon after we got started on the groundwork, these numbers started increasing, reflecting early gains from the campaign. The momentum continued, with traffic reaching 151 by October 2021 and peaking impressively at 479 visits by July 2022. By October 2022, the growth trend soared to 1358. This consistent upward trajectory in organic search traffic made evident the effectiveness of the targeted SEO strategies we implemented throughout the campaign.

    Lead Conversion: Investment Leads and Subscriptions

    Lead Conversion Investment Leads and Subscriptions

    Throughout the campaign, lead conversion, including investment leads and subscriptions, saw significant growth. Starting in 2021, the campaign's onset coincided with modest numbers of inquiries and subscriptions. However, by 2023 Saint Investment reported a dramatic increase in investor leads. This surge was directly tied to improved SEO tactics and enhanced user experience, leading to a higher conversion rate and a more engaged subscriber base.


    The strategic SEO campaign led by Bliss Drive for Saint Investment resulted in a transformative enhancement of their digital presence. Starting from a baseline of minimal organic traffic, the campaign's focused efforts drove an impressive increase in site visits, with organic traffic peaking at 1358 visits by October 2022, up from just 57 in April 2021. This 2,282.46% growth in traffic, coupled with a substantial increase in lead conversions and engagement, highlights the campaign’s success in not only improving search rankings but also in converting visitors into potential investors.

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